Sandy's Sand Corp

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Sandy's Sand Corp in Brimhaven.

Sandy's Sand Corp is a sand supplier[1] which owns many sand pits found on Gielinor, as well as the sand pit in Zanaris. The organisation is based in Brimhaven and is managed by Sandy.[1] Employees work on rotas and are paid 50 coins every week, typically working 9 hour shifts.[2] Their jobs including transporting sand from Karamja to top up their designated sand pits.[1]

The Hand in the Sand[edit | edit source]

Sandy had come into contact with Clarence, a wizard from the Magic Guild and student of Zavistic Rarve.[3] He tasked Clarence with the creation of a spell which would make Bert believe anything he said, and in return offered to pay Clarence for this service.[4] Sandy then changed Bert's rota,[5] and left the scroll behind in Bert's house, intending to make Bert work longer without paying him more.[6] Unwilling to pay Clarence, Sandy murdered him and hid his remains in various sand pits.[7] Eventually Bert uncovers a hand in the sand pit and enlists the player's help, starting The Hand in the Sand quest. Sandy would later be convicted of murder after the events of the One Foot in the Grave miniquest.

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