Davon's Amulet Store

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Davon's Amulet Store is a shop that purchases enchanted amulets and holy symbols. It is run by Davon. It is located south of The Shrimp and Parrot.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Holy symbol.png: Davon's Amulet Store sells 0 of Holy symbol for 300 and buys them for 90Holy symbol0300Coins 250.png90Coins 25.png2,192Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Amulet of magic.png: Davon's Amulet Store sells 0 of Amulet of magic for 900 and buys them for 270Amulet of magic0900Coins 250.png270Coins 250.png2,599Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Amulet of defence.png: Davon's Amulet Store sells 0 of Amulet of defence for 1275 and buys them for 382Amulet of defence01,275Coins 1000.png382Coins 250.png6,638Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Amulet of strength.png: Davon's Amulet Store sells 0 of Amulet of strength for 2025 and buys them for 607Amulet of strength02,025Coins 1000.png607Coins 250.png4,840Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Amulet of power.png: Davon's Amulet Store sells 0 of Amulet of power for 3525 and buys them for 1057Amulet of power03,525Coins 1000.png1,057Coins 1000.png6,568Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png

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