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Sandy is the CEO of Sandy's Sand Corp. His office is located just north of the bar in Brimhaven. He owns all the sandboxes in RuneScape.

He is featured in the Hand in the Sand quest, where it is revealed that he murdered a wizard named Clarence. Sandy had hired Clarence's service in order to have him cast a mind spell on his workers so that they would think it was perfectly normal to work absurdly long hours for very little pay. Clarence cast the spell on Bert, Sandy's oldest and slowest worker, in order to test it, and as a result Sandy's profits in Yanille increased.

After a few months, however, Clarence began to have doubts about the legality of what they had done, and began to write to Sandy to share his concerns. When Clarence threatened to go to the authorities, Sandy, who was determined to not lose his new profits, invited him for a holiday on Karamja in order to convince him that what they did was perfectly normal. But when it became clear that Clarence would not change his mind, Sandy murdered him, dismembered his corpse and hid the parts all over Gielinor: one of his hands ended up back in Yanille, his head ended up in Entrana, and most of his other body parts went to the jade vine maze near Shilo village.

About a month later, Bert found Clarence's hand in the Yanille sandpit and asked a passing adventurer to investigate the matter. Zavistic Rarve of the Wizards' Guild recognised it as belonging to his former student and directed the adventurer to search for clues by investigating Bert's work schedule. When the adventurer found an older rota in Sandy's office and compared it with Bert's copy, they confirmed that Bert's schedule had indeed been changed. The fact that Bert was not aware of this, coupled with the scroll Clarence had used to cast his spell being found in Bert's house, pointed all suspicion towards Sandy.

Zavistic then instructed the adventurer to acquire some truth serum and interrogate Sandy with a magical orb in order to record their conversation. After acquiring the serum, the adventurer slipped it into Sandy's coffee and interrogated him: under the serum's influence, Sandy confessed to his crimes. With the recorded interrogation and Clarence's head found in Entrana as evidence, Zavistic ordered for Sandy's arrest.

Sandy spent some time in prison after his arrest, and his case was overseen by the Seers' Village Courthouse; however, in spite of the evidence presented against him, the courthouse did not believe it was enough to have a trial, let alone convict him. It was around this time that the same adventurer who interrogated him found Clarence's other hand inside a package in the RPDT depot. Having retrieved the rest of Clarence's body parts from the jade vine maze and returned them to Zavistic in Yanille, the adventurer was asked to find more evidence against Sandy in order to finally have him tried for Clarence's murder. Searching his office, the adventurer found Sandy's diary, which contained more than sufficient evidence to prove Sandy's guilt.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When not doing the the Hand in the Sand quest, when you go to talk to him, he will say "Sand is yellow, sand is grand, sand puts money, in my hand." which gives players a small clue.
  • Sandy disappears after the Hand in the Sand quest. A later conversation with Bert seems to indicate that he was hanged for his crime, but during One Foot in the Grave, it is revealed he is awaiting trial at the Seers Village courthouse, after which the player finds more evidence to help convict him.