The Shrimp and Parrot

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The Shrimp and Parrot banner.png

The Shrimp and Parrot is a restaurant run by Alfonse the Waiter and Charlie the Cook. It is located in the centre of Brimhaven. It plays a role in Tribal Totem and Heroes' Quest.

During the Heroes' Quest, it is revealed that the restaurant is actually a hideout for the Phoenix Gang, set up as part of a scheme to steal Scarface Pete's candlesticks.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Herring.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Herring for 15 and buys them for 4Herring1015Coins 5.png4Coins 4.png54Coins 25.png390Coins 250.png
Cod.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Cod for 26 and buys them for 7Cod1026Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png205Coins 100.png1,790Coins 1000.png
Tuna.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Tuna for 120 and buys them for 36Tuna10120Coins 100.png36Coins 25.png74Coins 25.png−460Coins 250.png
Lobster.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Lobster for 268 and buys them for 80Lobster10268Coins 250.png80Coins 25.png254Coins 250.png−140Coins 100.png
Swordfish.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Swordfish for 400 and buys them for 120Swordfish10400Coins 250.png120Coins 100.png220Coins 100.png−1,800Coins 1000.png
Cooked karambwan.png: The Shrimp and Parrot sells 10 of Cooked karambwan for 460 and buys them for 138Cooked karambwan10460Coins 250.png138Coins 100.png1,742Coins 1000.png12,820Coins 10000.png

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