Saradominist crusader

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The Saradominist crusader is a melee-based monster fighting on the side of Saradomin in the Battle of Lumbridge. They can only be attacked by players who have sided with Zamorak. Before being attacked by a player, they have 10000 life points, but after being attacked, their life points and stats scale down depending on the player's combat level, to a minimum of 128.

Their more dangerous attacks include Slaughter as well as the ultimate abilities Berserk, Overpower, and Meteor Strike. They are also capable of disabling protection prayers with Smash. When attacked by a player, Saradominist crusaders usually use Backhand to stun their attacker once in melee distance. Unlike most monsters including some other units in the Battle of Lumbridge, they move in running speed, making them difficult to catch up or run away from.

They also appear in Kindred Spirits, attacking Dharok the Wretched one-by-one in the Fighting Pit inside Sliske's lair.

Drops[edit | edit source]

In addition, this monster has a very rare chance to drop "the Powerful", "the Boundless" and "the Eternal" titles.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A Saradominist crusader can sometimes be found locked in combat against a Zamorakian footsoldier on top of one of the turrets on the west side of the battlefield; they cannot be interacted with in anyway.
  • Upon defeating an opponent, crusaders sometimes utter the word "Requiescat," which is Latin for "to rest."