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Commander Jaycliff is a White Knight[1] who appears during Kindred Spirits tied up on a torture rack with two heavy crossbows loaded with Guthan's spears aimed at him.

He took the role of a commander of the Saradominist forces during the God Wars and was known among the troops for being a bully; Dharok and Verac express clear dislike of him, the latter stating that he "wouldn't mind stabbing him even if he was alive".[2][3] A week before he was due to ship out, he was in a tavern with Guthan, who was upset about his beloved Isolde abandoning him. During the course of the evening, a fight started, and Guthan killed Commander Jaycliff. Guthan, fearful for his life for killing a Saradominist commander, bargained with Sliske, forming a deal in which he and his brothers would join the crusades in return for clemency for being a war hero.[4]

His soul was later revived by Sliske and used as part of Guthan's trial. He claimed that he had spent a long time being chastised by Saradomin for his cruel ways and regretted not being the force for good that he could have been.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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