Father Frith

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Father Frith is a priest in Falador Castle during Azzanadra's Quest. He is a benevolent and kindly priest of Saradomin who refers to visitors as "child". Despite his generally kind and good nature, he is a stickler for protocol and seems to get upset if proper procedures are not involved in summoning Saradomin and repeatedly threatens to have people imprisoned for summoning Saradomin without authorisation. During the quest, Saradomin explains to Frith that it's acceptable to summon him if there's a threat, since protecting people is his main goal.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Father Frith is most likely a reference to John Frith, an English Protestant priest, writer, and martyr who was an important contributor to the idea of religious tolerance and championed liberal Protestant ideas from the Continent against those of the Catholic Church. He played an influential role in the Protestant Reformation. Despite this, the in-game Father Frith seems unusually zealous about not bothering Saradomin. Further, the split between Protestants and Catholics mirrors the Temple Knights splitting off from the rest of the White Knights to follow a different religion instead.
  • Father Frith's examine message is a reference to the real world idiom "red tape", which refers in real life to excessive bureaucratic regulation.
  • The quest's dialogue implies there are other priests apart from Father Frith, yet Father Frith is the only one who can be seen and interacted with.