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Frostenhorn detail.png

The Frostenhorn is a key object in the The Temple at Senntisten quest. It is one of the artefacts Azzanadra needs to re-establish contact with Zaros. It is obtained by killing an Ice demon in the frozen fortress of Ghorrock, west of the Wilderness.

It is known as the Frostenhorn because the Fremennik assumed it had power over ice. However, its true ability is that of magnifying power; it was merely reacting to its cold environment. Azzanadra claims that the player would not be able to bear the sound of its true name, as it is such a powerful artefact that its true name holds tremendous power.[1]

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Azzanadra, "Temple at Senntisten", RuneScape. "I shall do you a service ... and not tell you. For, were your ears to hear its true name, terrible and primeval as it is, they would melt from the side of your head. How much power does a mere name hold? I pray you never need to find out."