Transcript of Azzanadra's Quest journal entry

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  • A new council meeting to address the threat of the Elder Gods was called.
  • Azzanadra was disappointed with Seren's failure to handle the threat thus far.
  • He was also disappointed with the rest of the council, who have fallen under the influence of Seren's magical aura. Armadyl and Icthlarin declined to help us. I imaging this also disappointed Azzanadra, although he didn't explicitly say so.
  • At Kharid-et, I met Azzanadra and another Mahjarrat, Trindine, who until recently was imprisoned in the shadow realm. Together we agreed to search for the Elder God eggs, which we believe to be the real threat facing Gielinor. Our first objective is to search for clues in the Elder Halls on Freneskae, where the previous generation of Elder Gods were born.
  • I journeyed with Azzanadra to the World Gate, south-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, on our way to Freneskae.
  • We passed through the World Gate into Freneskae, homeworld of the Mahjarrat, and birthplace of Zaros, Seren, and the Elder Gods.
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