Transcript of Azzanadra's Quest

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At Seren's Council[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: World Guardian, good. Armadyl, Icthlarin and I are concerned by the level of influence Seren is exerting over this council. Shall we see how it goes this time?
  • Quest acceptance dialogue pops up
    • Accept quest
      • (Continues below)
    • Not right now
      • (Dialogue ends)
  • Seren: Once more, I have summoned the Burthorpe Council to discuss the very real threat of the elder gods.
  • King Roald: Yes! You must save us, Lady Seren! Tell us what to do!
  • Zarador: Such times require strong leadership!
  • Seren: No, that isn't what I-
  • Seren: ...
  • Seren: Very well. Since Kerapac's plot was little short of genocide, we will resume my original plan and attempt to placate my aunts through the creation of a garden.
  • Azzanadra: This again?
  • Armadyl: The effect is getting stronger.
  • Player: Do you know a lot about how Seren's aura works?
  • If audio is muted of some kind

Intro cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: I was not always Azzanadra, your trusted friend. Six thousand years ago I was Azzanadra, Pontifex Maximus of the Zarosian Empire. I maintained civilisation and the rule of my lord against all those who called themselves gods. I am very familiar with Seren's influence.
  • Azzanadra: We can no longer rely on this council. They are completely under her sway now. In time they will recover their initiative, but for now they are nothing but puppets.
  • Azzanadra: Disappointing, but not unexpected. Seren is obsessed with the adult elder gods. Her guilt and shame blind her to the true threat.
  • Azzanadra: It is not the adults who are destined to destroy us. It is their unborn children. If they wake, they will devour this world, and in time, all worlds. If the best these fools can do is waste their time on senseless appeasement, then it falls to us to save them. We must find the elder god eggs. We must stop them hatching.
  • (Continues below)

At Seren's Council[edit | edit source]

  • Armadyl: I cannot stand against Seren. We have an arrangement. She seeks a path of peace out of compassion for her only true family. Do what you must, but I will remain with the council and aid in their efforts
  • Icthlarin: As for me, I will not work with a traitor.
  • Azzanadra: It's been nearly seven thousand years, psychopompous. Surely the good of this world outweighs the events of the distant past.
  • Icthlarin: On the contrary, the past will always come back to haunt you, and the world is too precious to leave it to the machinations of apostates.
  • Icthlarin: I do not trust you, Azzanadra, and World Guardian, I would counsel you not to trust him either. This Mahjarrat is shrewd and well-spoken, but his loyalties ever lie with his master and no-one else.
  • Azzanadra: You speak of loyalty as if it were a vice. Loyalty is the highest - perhaps the only - virtue.
  • Icthlarin: Loyalty is only as virtuous as the lord you serve, and your lord is far from virtuous.
  • Azzanadra: It is not for creatures such as us to question the morality of a true god. His thoughts are beyond our comprehension. He is a higher power.
  • Icthlarin: Enough, Azzanadra. Zaros does not need you to defend his honour.
  • Azzanadra: ...
  • Azzanadra: As you wish. World Guardian, I assume you do want to help?
  • Player: What did you have in mind?
  • Azzanadra: Meet me inside the digsite in Kharid-et. Since no one here is of use, we will find our own allies.
  • (Dialogue ends)

At Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

Talking to Dr Nabanik outside[edit | edit source]

  • Dr Nabanik: Hello, old friend. Welcome to the Kharid-et Dig Site.
  • Choose an option:
    • Why are you the site manager here?
    • What is this dig site about?
    • I want to talk about mysteries.
    • Azzanadra? What are you still doing out here?
      • Dr Nabanik: Not so loud! I'm not Azzanadra, I'm just filling in for him. Apparently he had more important things to do.
      • Player: You're not Azzanadra? Who are you then?
      • Dr Nabanik: Your wisest and most humble friend from Nardah.
      • Player: Wahisietel?
      • Dr Nabanik: Shh! Yes. Do me a favour and just pretend I'm Dr Nabanik.
      • Player: Er, okay. So where is Azzanadra?
      • Dr Nabanik: He might be inside the excavation. Try the main fortress area.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Bye.

Outside the Praetorium[edit | edit source]

Talking to Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Was your debriefing completed to our Lord's satisfaction?
  • Trindine: I guess so. He stopped talking and left so assume we were done.
  • Azzanadra: What did he want to know?
  • Trindine: He just asked a bunch of questions about the shadow realm. No idea if I told him anything he didn't already know. It's hard to tell with that face.
  • Azzanadra: Ah, Player. You've already met Trindine, of course.
  • Player: How are you feeling?
  • Trindine: I'm all caught up on current events. Seems like it's just been one long disaster while I've been gone. War, genocide, genocide, war again, apocalypse. I'm back now though so we should be good.
  • Trindine: So what's the plan, boss?
  • Azzanadra: Seren is obsessed with the adult elder gods. She is still wracked with guilt over murdering her - and our - creator, and trying to appease the others is her way of seeking amends. But it is not the adult elders that pose the real danger.
  • Trindine: No?
  • Azzanadra: Their offspring are the true threat. Piecing together Seren's and Kerapac's claims, there must be three eggs on Gielinor. Mah never laid an egg, and Jas sacrificed hers to create the Stone of Jas, which since has been destroyed. If the three remaining eggs hatch, they will destroy our world and, in turn, the universe. It seems to me to follow, then, that our efforts should be focused not on the adults, but on the eggs.
  • Player: I'm with you so far.
  • Azzanadra: When my lord returned to us a few years ago, he gave me the task of locating those very same eggs. I can only assume he foresaw our current situation. I am ashamed to say that I have not yet succeeded in that task. With your help, we will correct that oversight. We need to find the eggs. Once we find them, with enough information and study we may be able to devise a plan to stave off our annihilation.
  • Player: Alright. What's our first move?
  • Azzanadra: You and I will travel to Freneskae and inspect the site of previous generation of eggs there. Trindine, a moment. I have other orders for you. Meet me at the world gate, Player. It's in Kandarin, southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Talking to Azzanadra again[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Meet me at the world gate, Player. It's in Kandarin, southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Talking to Trindine after Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

  • Trindine: You should go meet Azzanadra at the World Gate. It's in Kandarin, southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Arriving at the World Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra teleports in and the player enters an instance where the only option on the World Gate is Teleport to Freneskae

Talking to Azzanadra at the World Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: We need to make our way across the surface of Freneskae back to the Elder Halls. If we want to understand the elder gods and their eggs, it's the most obvious lead to research in more detail.

Entering the Gate to Freneskae[edit | edit source]

  • The surface of Freneskae is very dangerous.
  • Do you want to continue?

Freneskae[edit | edit source]

The Approach[edit | edit source]

Next to the entrance portal[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: With Mah's death the constant destabilisation of this region has calmed somewhat. It is strange to see it so peaceful.
  • Player: You think this is peaceful? It's a volcanic wasteland!
  • Azzanadra: Compared to what it was when it shaped us and hardened us, yes, I would call this peaceful. I will see you up ahead.
  • Azzanadra teleports away.

Environment[edit | edit source]

Occasionally while in Freneskae

  • The volcanic ash in the air makes you choke.
  • Player: *cough*

Walking over a geyser

  • Player takes 400 damage

Occasional damage

  • Player takes 50 damage

Lava falls

  • Player takes 500 damage

Walking through glowing archway

  • Player is rapidly healed in increments of 110

First stop[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: You could be faster.
  • Player: Some of us can't just teleport everywhere.
  • Azzanadra: We can pause for moment.
  • Choose an option:
    • Can you teleport me?
      • Azzanadra: Teleporting others is extremely difficult. Only gods can do it easily, and even then it requires vast reserves of power.
      • Player: I know tele-other. It's easy to cast.
      • Azzanadra: That sort of spell only teleports to a specific location. Teleporting to arbitrary points is much more difficult. Let's move on.
      • Azzanadra teleports away
    • Why don't Zaros's followers have an afterlife?
      • Azzanadra: Who told you that?
      • Player: I think it was Death and Icthlarin. Death said he knows of no Zarosian afterlife, and Icthlarin said he's never escorted anyone there.
      • Azzanadra: That explains it. What use would the followers of the true god have for a creation of a pretender like Guthix? And the less said about Icthlarin, the better.
      • Player: Are you saying Zarosians do have an afterlife?
      • Azzanadra: Of course. Every stabilising religion needs to answer that question. We call it Erebus.
      • Player: What's it like?
      • Azzanadra: I have no idea. It's the afterlife - no one has ever returned to speak of it.
      • Player: You must have stories. Religious legends.
      • Azzanadra: It is not the way of our lord to invent false narratives to appeal to the plebeians.
      • Player: Then how do you know it even exists?
      • Azzanadra: Obviously none of this applies to Mahjarrat, as we do not have souls. But when a mortal of the faithful dies, their soul passes on from this world to another. Those attuned to the currents of magic can sense its passing, but we do not know the destination. We call that unknown place 'Erebus'.
      • Player: Fascinating.
      • Azzanadra: Let's move on.
      • Azzanadra teleports away
    • Why did Zaros activate the Monolith at the Archaeology Guild?
      • Azzanadra: It is necessary for his plans somehow.
      • Player: Somehow? You mean you don't know?
      • Azzanadra: He did not tell me. It was not something I needed to know.
      • Player: I thought you were his most loyal follower.
      • Azzanadra: Whether I am the most loyal, I cannot say. For hundreds of years I served his will to the best of my ability. The title of Pontifex Maximus seems pretentious now that there is no church and no empire, but it is technically still accurate.
      • Player: How can you place so much trust in someone that doesn't trust you?
      • Azzanadra: You speak of Zaros as though he were a friend, an ally.
      • Player: Isn't he?
      • Azzanadra: Of course not. Zaros is a god. With him lies all authority. If I need to know something, I will be told it. Let's move on.
      • Azzanadra teleports away
    • Let's just keep going.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Second stop[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Do you need another rest?
  • Choose an option:

Third stop[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: We are almost there.
  • Choose an option:

Outside the opening at the end of the approach[edit | edit source]

If all options have already been asked:

  • Azzanadra: I do not think we are in imminent danger, but we should not waste time. The Elder Halls of Freneskae are just up ahead.

If some options have not been asked:

  • (Transcript missing. edit)

Elder halls[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Player, someone is in here.
  • Ariane: Who is there?
  • Player: It's me, Player.
  • Ariane: Oh, Player! I'm glad to- look out, a Mahjarrat!
  • Player: Stop! That's Azzanadra.
  • Ariane: Azzanadra, high priest of Zaros? Azzanadra, who transcribed the ancient magicks in the pyramid at Jaldraocht? That Azzanadra?
  • Player: Yeah, we go way back.
  • Azzanadra: Are you going to introduce me to your friend?
  • Ariane: I'm Ariane. I'm here because... I saw something. After my friend Xenia died, I started having visions. They're not completely clear, but I believe our world is under threat. The elder gods will rise and destroy Gielinor. I'm sure of it! The Council of Burthorpe don't seem interested in doing anything about it, so I've been searching for answers. I thought the birthplace of our universe might be a good place to start.
  • Player: That's why we're here too!
  • Ariane: It's not the adults though. It's the eggs that are the danger.
  • Player: Yes! That's what we thought too!
  • Azzanadra: What have you been able to determine so far?
  • Ariane: I've only just arrived. I notice there are five eggs here, but only four elder gods on Gielinor.
  • Player: The fifth god, Mah, never left Freneskae.
  • Azzanadra: She was recently put out of her misery.
  • Player: We think there are actually only three eggs on Gielinor. Jas transformed her egg into the Stone of Jas, and Kerapac destroyed it.
  • Ariane: Oh, hence, Stone of Jas. Makes sense. Well, let's examine the egg fragments closely and see if we can work anything out.
  • Azzanadra: One lies at the end of each of the tunnels.

Talking to Ariane or Azzanadra before examining all five eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: We need to examine all five of the old eggs.

Attempting to harvest from the elder god wisps[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've never seen a wisp like this before. I probably shouldn't disturb it at the moment.

Fragmented spheres[edit | edit source]

Bik's egg[edit | edit source]
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are next to the player
  • Ariane: This one just looks rocky.
  • Player: Is there any way we can tell what happened?
  • Ariane: Only in a very broad sense. The eggshells are still here, and this world has been devastated. Presumably it was the hatchlings but it was so long ago there's no way to be absolutely confident.
  • Player: Has Freneskae always looked like this?
  • Azzanadra: My people came to Gielinor around seven thousand years I lived here on Freneskae for hundreds of years prior to that.
  • Player: Only hundreds of years? I thought you might be older.
  • Azzanadra: Life was a lot harder here than on Gielinor, even accounting for the god wars. Living to several hundred years old was unusual, and I was one of the oldest and strongest of my tribe. To answer your first question, yes, or at least it has looked like this for as long as I have been alive, and as long as anyone I knew had been. This is just what Freneskae had always been like. Whether it looked different in some prior age, I cannot say.
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are back in the main area
Wen's egg[edit | edit source]
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are next to the player
  • Player: The eggs are all the same shape.
  • Ariane: Wouldn't you expect that?
  • Player: I suppose, but I've met Jas and I've met Mah and they were very much unlike each other. Hard to believe they're the same kind of beings.
  • Ariane: Wait, you met Jas? The Jas? Creator of Gielinor?
  • Player: Oh, it was a while ago now. You remember Sliske was trying to get the gods to kill each other?
  • Ariane: Yes, he put that big scoreboard up in Varrock. It didn't seem to really go anywhere in the end.
  • Player: Well after he died I met Jas. Apparently he was working for her, or pretending to, or something.
  • Ariane: What was she like?
  • Player: Cryptic. I didn't really learn anything.
  • Ariane: And she didn't look anything like Mah?
  • Player: Well, Jas mostly looked like a huge clock or something, and Mah looked more like a humanoid. Scarred and deformed, but definitely humanoid.
  • Ariane: I think... I think I might have seen them.
  • Player: Where?
  • Ariane: The visions I mentioned. I saw the adults... I think. Perhaps the young? It's unclear. They shared a form. A sinuous body, endless in length, bursting into a flower at the head.
  • Player: That sounds a bit like Ful. She appeared briefly over Anachronia.
  • Ariane: Oh yes, I heard about that. Is it possible you only saw Jas's head?
  • Player: Maybe. I suppose she could have had a body somewhere back there. What about Mah, though?
  • Azzanadra: Mah was deformed. It is why her sisters abandoned her here.
  • Player: Deformed into a humanoid?
  • Azzanadra: Can you imagine a more wretched form to be trapped in?
  • Player: I'm sorry, what?
  • Azzanadra: That was a joke.
  • Player: I don't get it.
  • Azzanadra: Never mind.
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are back in the main area
Ful's egg[edit | edit source]
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are next to the player
  • Ariane: It's still hot. It is magical, I suppose. Are the elder gods associated with the runic elements? Ful seems to be fire, Wen is ice - perhaps water? Bik is either earth or nature and Jas is... time? I don't know of a time rune, but I know new runes have been discovered before. I don't know what Mah could be. Shadow, perhaps? But shadow isn't a rune either.
  • Player: Aren't they supposed to be different aspects of time? Change, stasis, undoing, something like that? I'm sure I read that somewhere.
  • Azzanadra: The elder gods are true gods, like my lord. I do not believe they can be so readily categorised. They may have superficial aesthetic qualities, but that does not define them or limit them. They are gods. They are beyond our comprehension.
  • Ariane: We'd better hope otherwise if we're going to save Gielinor.
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are back in the main area
Mah's egg[edit | edit source]
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are next to the player
  • Ariane: There's something on this one. A spiral of a different substance.
  • Player: This was Mah's egg. Something happened to it and she was born deformed and insensible.
  • Ariane: It's icy. I can feel the cold radiating from here.
  • Player: Wen has an association with ice. Why would Wen sabotage Mah's egg?
  • Azzanadra: This was not Wen's doing.
  • Ariane: How can you possibly know that?
  • Azzanadra: Magical energy has a resonance. A... flavour, if you will, or a smell. This whole place is suffused with Mah's resonance. A resonance that I - and all Mahjarrat - share with her.
  • Ariane: How can you detect it?
  • Azzanadra: Mahjarrat are beings of magic. We are attuned to it, just as you can smell meat. There is another resonance on this egg, but it is not Wen's. In fact, it reminds me of- remember Zemouregal? He had a black stone he used for necromancy. He said he found it in Karamja and the fool thought it was obsidian. It was cold to the touch. Freezing, in fact, and it shared the same resonance as this corruption... But Mah is dead now, and poses no threat to Gielinor. This is a mystery for another time.
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are back in the main area
Jas's egg[edit | edit source]
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are next to the player
  • Player: It really does look like the Stone of Jas, doesn't it?
  • Azzanadra: Jas made a tremendous sacrifice when she gave up her unborn offspring.
  • Player: It's weird that she didn't seem angrier with Kerapac for destroying the Stone.
  • Azzanadra: Do not confuse the primitive instincts of mere mortals with the thoughts of gods. You place great significance in your atavistic impulses. Your urges drive you to behaviours, and you never stop to question them. The Stone had long ago served its purpose. I doubt it had more significance to Jas than any other tool.
  • Player: You're saying that a tool made out of your own children wouldn't matter to you?
  • Azzanadra: I value all Mahjarrat. Those I had a hand in the creation of and those I didn't matter equally to me. Besides, the reserves of power in the Stone of Jas were not limitless.
  • Player: They weren't?
  • Azzanadra: No. I have never touched it, I am no fool, but I have been in its presence many times over the millennia, close enough to sense it clearly. At the height of the empire it contained far more magical energy than it did when Lucien possessed it.
  • Player: That's all of the eggs. I should check in with Azzanadra and Ariane.
  • Screen fades out and back in, and Ariane and Azzanadra are back in the main area
Inspecting an already inspected egg[edit | edit source]
  • Player: We know everything we need to from this sphere.
All eggs inspected[edit | edit source]
  • Player: That's all of the eggs. I should check in with Azzanadra and Ariane.

Talking to Ariane or Azzanadra after inspecting the eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Player: There's no obvious sign of what happened when the eggs hatched.
  • Ariane: Other than the hellscape outside, you mean?
  • Player: Well yes, but there's no clear order of events. Did the hatchlings destroy the planet?
  • Ariane: Or maybe the planet had to be destroyed in order for them to hatch?
  • Player: Yes, exactly. These clues are thousands, maybe millions of years old, though.
  • Azzanadra: Some time ago, I obtained a device that could be of use here from a construct of Jas. A blank observation crystal. I believe I gave it to you.
  • With the blank observation in the player's inventory:
    • You produce the odd object from your pocket.
    • Player: Oh, this thing? Yeah I thought it might come in handy so I brought it along.
  • Without the blank observation:
    • You dimly remember Azzanadra giving you an elder god device of some sort.
    • Player: Oh, that thing. I think I dropped it.
    • Azzanadra hands you the device.
    • Azzanadra: This item is a relic of the creators of the universe. Be more careful with it.
  • Azzanadra: Collect memories from the wisps in the cavern so that we can search them for anything useful.

Harvesting god memory wisps[edit | edit source]

Talking to Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Collect memories from the wisps in the cavern so that we can search them for anything useful.

Talking to Ariane[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I've heard of the practice of sifting for memories in anima but it's not something I've mastered yet.

Collected enough memories from a spring[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I don't need any more of this energy.

Talking to Azzanadra after collecting memories[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Once you have enough memories, you should investigate the blank observation. I believe it should be able to absorb the memories. Research suggest is works like an engrammeter.

Using the Blank observation before collecting all memories[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Nothing happened... I think I must need more energy.

Using the Blank observation after collecting all memories[edit | edit source]

  • The energy infuses with the blank observation.

Inspecting charged observation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I should show this to Azzanadra and Ariane.

Talking to Ariane or Azzanadra after infusing energy into the Blank observation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: The blank observation absorbed the memories I collected.
  • Azzanadra: Good. Give it to me.
  • You hand the device to Azzanadra who closes his eyes and concentrates.
  • Azzanadra: Nothing. Strange. Perhaps the memories are too faded.
  • Ariane: Let me try. I'm a seer.
  • Azzanadra hands the device to Ariane, although he looks skeptical.
  • Ariane: This is... oh my. This is like what I saw. What brought me here.
  • Player: What?
  • Ariane: I will try to show you. It's powerful.
  • (Continues below)

Charged observation cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: This world was lush, once. Green and flourishing. A perfect womb for the sleeping gods. Within their shells, they slumbered in a yolk of incredible power. The currents of magic drove more and more energy into the eggs, until they reached bursting point.
  • Ariane: Sensing the impending birth of their young, the adults pressed in close. With a touch they imparted their identities and their memories.
  • Ariane: The eggs burst open, and the hatchlings within emerged, ravenous.
  • Ariane: Their mere presence drained all life from the cavern around them. Within moments every other living thing nearby was dead, drained of all life.
  • Ariane: Nothing could stop them. The world was doomed.
  • Ariane: Further and further their reach expanded, blanketing everything.
  • Ariane: Minutes later, Freneskae was a desolate husk. The sated hatchlings travelled out into the universe to remake it.
  • Ariane: In time they grew old and hid eggs of their own beneath the surface of Gielinor. When they hatch, our world will suffer the same fate as Freneskae. We must stop them... somehow.
  • (Continues below)

Post-cutscene dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • The observation loses its charge after you view the memory. Ariane hands back the blank observation
  • Ariane: ...
  • Player: ...
  • Azzanadra: As we suspected, the hatchlings are the true threat.
  • Ariane: We need to stop the same thing happening on Gielinor.
  • Player: What have we actually learned that's useful though? We already knew they were dangerous. We still don't know where they are or how to stop them.
  • Ariane: In the past the elders touched the eggs.
  • Azzanadra: If we could stop the adults from touching their eggs, that could prevent them from hatching.
  • Player: Are you sure?
  • Azzanadra: Of course not, but do you have a better idea?
  • Player: I suppose not.
  • Ariane: How can we possibly stop the elder gods from touching something? Don't they have the power to destroy worlds?
  • Azzanadra: We will have to build that bridge when we come to the river. For now we must at least locate the eggs.
  • Player: We're no closer than when we started.
  • Azzanadra: I anticipated this. That's why I sent Trindine on to Falador ahead of us. Saradomin's most prized possession is a crown which can locate elder artifacts.
  • Player: And you think it might be able to locate the eggs?
  • Azzanadra: Possibly. It is an avenue I have not been able to pursue.
  • Ariane: I though Saradomin was missing?
  • Azzanadra: He has not been seen on Gielinor for some time. You will have to try to contact him somehow. World Guardian, find Trindine in Falador. Impress the importance of your task upon Saradomin's lackeys and they can summon him. I cannot accompany you. My presence will not be of use when dealing with Saradominists. Ariane, your resourcefulness could be an asset in this matter. If you wish to continue down this path, meet me inside the dig site near Al Kharid.
  • Ariane: I'll be there. Good luck in Falador, Player.
  • Azzanadra and Ariane teleport out
  • Shadow Voice: Finally they've left us in peace.
  • Player: Hello? Who's there?
  • Shadow Voice: This is your conscience speaking! Have you ever considered... dying in a fire?
  • Light Voice: Cut that out!
  • Select an option
    • Who are you?
      • Light Voice: We're... Wait, what are we exactly?
      • Shadow Voice: We're your conscience!
      • Light Voice: We are definitely not your conscience!
      • Shadow Voice: Yes we are! Kill people!
      • Light Voice: Stop that!
      • Shadow Voice: Ooh, I have a better idea! Maybe we're an old friend, come back to haunt you!
      • Light Voice: No! Not that either!
      • Shadow Voice: It's me, your best friend! Woo! How could you murder me?!
      • Light Voice: No!
      • Shadow Voice: Maybe we're a Freneskaen brain worm, crawling around inside your head, talking to you.
      • Light Voice: Is that a thing that exists?
      • Shadow Voice: It could be.
      • Light Voice: I am not a worm!
      • Shadow Voice: Okay then, Mister Negative. What do you think we are?
      • Light Voice: Er... maybe the stress is finally getting to you? it's a lot of pressure having to save the world all the time, maybe this is-
      • Shadow Voice: WRONG! SO wrong! It's a good thing I'm here to make up for your crippling stupidity.
      • Player: So you don't know?
      • Shadow Voice: Either that, or we're just not going to tell you.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • What do you want?
      • Light Voice: We just want to help!
      • Shadow Voice: Speak for yourself. Personally, I intend to be as unhelpful as possible.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Try to block out the voices.
      • You cover your ears and try to block the voices out.
      • Player: I can't hear you.
      • Shadow Voice: That's not going to work. The call is coming from inside the house!
      • Player: Okay, I can hear you, but I won't.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • I have to get rid of you!
      • Shadow Voice: Haha, good luck with that! What are you going to do, kick yourself in the head? Actually that's a great idea, why don't you do that now?
      • Light Voice: I'm terribly sorry, but I think you're stuck with us.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • I've heard enough. I have a world to save.
      • Player: I've heard enough. I have a world to save.
      • Light Voice: Well, we're not going anywhere, so you might as well just get on with whatever it was you were doing.
      • Shadow Voice: I doubt it was anything useful.
      • Light Voice: Oh that's right, you need to meet Trindine in Falador.
      • Shadow Voice: Well? Come on loser, let's go. You're the only one with legs.
      • Player: I'm not okay with this.

Falador[edit | edit source]

White Knight Castle's ground[edit | edit source]

Speaking to Trindine[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: Pssst! Player, over here!
  • Player runs over to Sir Upticious
  • Player: Can I help you?
  • Sir Upticious turns to face the player
  • Sir Upticious: It's me, Trindine. Do you like my disguise?
  • Player: Who are you meant to be?
  • Sir Upticious: I am Sir Upticious! White Knight extraordinaire. I love Saradomin and I enjoy not having to make any decisions for myself.
  • Player: I see. What now?
  • Sir Upticious: Well we need to find a way to summon and speak to Saradomin, so I would imagine his throne room would be the place to be.
  • Player: You're not worried that he might see through your disguise?
  • Sir Upticious: Looking like this? I'm so dull he won't give me a first glance, let alone a second. Anyway, he might be able to see through the disguise of a lesser Mahjarrat, but there's a reason I'm a spy. But just in case, you go look upstairs and I'll poke around down here for a minute.

Speaking to Trindine again[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: Go on, you head upstairs to Saradomin's throne room. I'll look around down here.

Saradomin's Throne[edit | edit source]

Speaking to Father Frith[edit | edit source]

  • Father Frith: Welcome child. Do you seek Saradomin's holy light?
  • Player: Yes actually, I need to speak to him.
  • Father Frith: Ha. Oh bless you my child, but one cannot simply chat with the great Saradomin! his attention is required to move the stars and to keep all of creation functioning as it should.
  • Shadow Voice: His ego certainly reaches the heavens.
  • Father Frith: I know the sweet serenity of basking in his divine radiance. But I'm afraid he is not available for chitter-chatter with just anyone.
  • Select an option
    • Do you know who I am?
      • Father Frith: Should I?
      • (Continues below)
    • I really need to speak to him.
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Just tell him Player wants to see him.
      • Father Frith: I'm sorry, perhaps I have spent too long in the cloisters, but that name means nothing to me.
      • (Continues below)
  • Shadow Voice: Haha! You're not as famous as you think you are!
  • Player: I am the World Guardian, i need to speak to Saradomin about a matter of great urgency.
  • Father Frith: Ah, well, I'm sorry but that's simply not possible right now. The great and mighty Saradomin is not on Gielinor at this time. He is visiting other worlds spreading his wisdom.
  • Player: But this is urgent, there must be something you can do?
  • Father Frith: My hands are tied my child. Perhaps you can find what you seek elsewhere. I believe we have a visiting Temple Knight you might be familiar with in the war room on the ground floor. They may be able to assist you further.
  • Light Voice: Do we even know any temple Knights?
  • Shadow Voice: None that would want to talk to us again.

Speaking to Father Frith again[edit | edit source]

  • Father Frith: I am sorry that I cannot help you. Perhaps one of the knights can help you? I believe you are familiar with our temple Knight visitor in the war room downstairs.

War Room[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Owen or Sir Upticious[edit | edit source]

  • If Sir Upticious is spoken to first:
    • Sir Upticious: We should talk to Sir Grumpalot here.
  • Sir Owen: Ignorant fools. Tradition should guide you, not shackle you.
  • Sir Upticious: I know just what you mean. Rules are like lovers, much better if they can be flexible.
  • Sir Owen: Huh? What? Who are you?
  • Sir Upticious: Well met fellow sir knight! I am Sir Upticious, what name do you bear?
  • Sir Owen: Sir Owen, of the Temple Knights, at your service. I apologise for my outburst, I'm just getting frustrated.
  • Select an option
    • With what?
      • Sir Owen: Oh nothing. Sometimes I forget that the White Knights are more... rigid in their practices than we Temple Knights. It can make it frustrating to get things done.
      • (Continues below)
    • Sir Owen, how've you been?
      • Sir Owen: Well, I've managed to keep this corruption under control. Can't get rid of it entirely, but it's not getting worse. Now, I'm just get frustrated at White Knight bureaucracy.
      • (Continues below)
  • Player: I know what you mean. I'm trying to get an audience with Saradomin and I've been blocked at the first hurdle.
  • Sir Owen: What do you need to see him about?
  • Player: Oh nothing important, just, you know, how to stop the end of the world. I'm sure it can wait.
  • Sir Owen: I'm sorry... what?
  • Player: The infant elder gods are waking up and if they hatch they'll kill all life on this planet. We were hoping to use Saradomin's crown to track down the eggs on Gielinor. But he's not here.
  • Sir Owen: And they just sent you away?
  • Sir Upticious: Apparently so.
  • Sir Owen: See! This is exactly the maddening rigidity I was talking about. It's a literal end of the world scenario and they're not willing to even consider calling Saradomin back?
  • Sir Upticious: If only there was a brave knight who could help us resolve this conflict.
  • Sir Owen: Come on, let's both go and talk to the priest. Maybe we can get somewhere together.
  • Screen fades out and Trindine and Sir Owen have left the room

Confronting the priest[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: Ok, let's talk to the priest.

Talking to Father Frith or Sir Upticious[edit | edit source]

  • If Sir Upticious is spoken to first:
    • Sir Upticious: We should talk to the priest here.
  • Sir Owen: We need to speak to Saradomin. Now.
  • Father Frith: Watch your tone child, this is a holy place.
  • Sir Owen: This is a castle armoury.
  • Father Frith: Where the mighty Saradomin held court. The one true god walked here.
  • Sir Owen: One of several gods. Granted I prefer this one to most, but we aren't served by caving into mythological thinking. We need to speak with Saradomin. He must have left a means to contact him.
  • Father Frith: Of course. In his boundless wisdom, Saradomin has given we high priests a means with which to summon him if the need arises.
  • Sir Owen: Great, do that then.
  • Father Frith: No.
  • Sir Owen: What? Why not?
  • Father Frith: The mighty Saradomin is spreading his wisdom to other worlds. He is saving countless souls. There is no greater mission.
  • Sir Upticious: What about our souls? Don't they matter?
  • Sir Owen: We ARE all in danger! That's why we need Saradomin!
  • Father Frith: Well, even if that were the case, it is not my decision to make. As this is the fortress of the White Knights may I suggest you bring your concern to Sir Varze?
  • Player: So we need to go and speak to Sir Varze?
  • Sir Owen: And the hunt through the red tape begins. Come on Player, Saradomin willing we can get this done quickly. We should be able to find Sir Amik Varze in the tower on the west side of the castle.
  • Screen fades out and Trindine and Sir Owen have left the room

Talking to Father Frith again[edit | edit source]

  • Father Frith: As I said, my child, perhaps Sir Amik Varze can assist you.

Talking to Sir Amik Varze[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Upticious[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: I think you need to talk to that pompous looking guy. Sir Varze wasn't it?

Talking to Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: We should talk to Sir Amik Varze.

Talking to Sir Amik Varze[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • Ask about 'Azzanadra Quest'
      • Sir Amik Varze: Well net World Guardian, Sir Sonde, what can I do for you?
      • Player: We need to talk to Saradomin, in person. The priests won't summon him without your permission.
      • Sir Amik Varze: I see, and why do you need to see him so urgently?
      • Player: I need to talk to him about the elder god situation.
      • Sir Amik Varze: Were not Seren and her council handling this? We are working together after all.
      • Select an option
        • The council is moving too slowly.
          • Sir Amik Varze: These things can't be rushed. The elder gods move on cosmic scales and whilst we should not dillydally, we should be cautious in our approach. Seren is wise and understands this. If she does not believe the threat is so urgent that we must summon Saradomin back, then who am I to questions divine wisdom?
          • Sir Upticious: She's really done a number on him.
          • Sir Amik Varze: What did you say Sir Knight?
          • Sir Upticious: Me? Oh nothing... er... sir.
        • [Lie] The council sent me.
          • Sir Amik Varze: I see. they seek the wisdom of Saradomin then? Whilst Saradomin is wise beyond words, he's hardly a passionate gardner.
      • Sir Amik Varze: I can see an argument for his return, but I doubt the urgency. I would see this place in better condition before I would agree to summoning him. I have concerns about our latest recruits. Speak to Padomenes for me, if he's able to say they are ready for Saradomin's inspection, then I'll agree to your request.
      • Sir Owen: Can't you summon him now and then ready the recruits?
      • Sir Amik Varze: I will not be the one to summon Saradomin, the lord of order, to this chaos unless there is no other option. I couldn't bear him telling Seren that my contributions are anything less than exemplary.
      • Sir Owen: *Sigh* Very well. We'll speak to Padomenes.
      • Sir Upticious: Is he the winged guy in the courtyard downstairs?
      • Screen fades in and out, and the player, Sir Upticious, and Sir Owen have moved into the corner of the room
      • You move out of earshot of Sir Varze.
      • Sir Owen: This is why I always get so frustrated coming back here to Falador. As a Temple Knight, I do what needs to be done. My faith is my sword and shield as I enact the will of Saradomin. But here, among the White Knights and the priesthood, their faith feels more like chains weighing them down. They're trapped by tradition and frozen by bureaucracy.
      • Sir Upticious: I have noticed that. Among the other knights I mean. I myself have always wanted to be a Temple Knight, you lot get much more done.
      • Sir Owen: It feels so frustrating after returning from the burial grounds. Working with Saradomin side by side as we did what we could for the centaurs. Saradomin was more than just some mythical figure. He was a righteous warrior and he used his power without restraint to try and help Fern and her people. Then I come back to this and it feels like they're all following a Saradomin I don't recognise.
      • Sir Upticious: Well that's the difference between the White Knights and Temple Knights isn't it? Blind faith? Although I guess the Temple Knights get their orders from one person, who they've never met, so blind faith runs in the family.
      • Sir Owen: That's different. Sir Vey Lance gives us orders that help people. We do real good, enact real change. And his orders come direct from Saradomin. Not filtered through layers of priestly nonsense.
      • Sir Upticious: Oh absolutely. There's nothing better than knowing your boss has a direct line to an absent god. Really comforting.
      • Sir Owen: *Sigh* Anyway, you don't want to hear any more of me ranting. Let's go speak to Padomenes in the courtyard downstairs.
    • Ask about something else.
      • Non quest dialogue continues

Talking to Sir Owen or Sir Upticious again[edit | edit source]

Talking to Padomenes[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Upticious or Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

Talking to Padomenes[edit | edit source]

  • Select on option
    • Ask about Azzanadra's Quest.
      • Padomenes: Hail World Guardian, are you here to inspect the recruits? They are a promising batch. Loyal, dedicated, skilled and devout. But sadly, as is so often the case, woefully underequipped.
      • Player: Would you be willing to give them a glowing review for Sir Amik Varze?
      • Padomenes: As true believers, yes. As knights, no.
      • Player: Why not?
      • Padomenes: Look at them! The armour they wear is rusting and flaking. Their swords could bearly pierce an orange let alone demon skin. Some say that faith is a shield, but I've never seen a sermon block a sword.
      • Select an option
        • Get them better equipment.
        • What if they pray really hard?
          • Padomenes: Very funny. It doesn't matter how pure a heart is with an arrow shot through it. No I will not give their human commander my blessing whilst they are so poorly equipped.
          • (Continues below)
        • I sense another request coming.
          • Padomenes: I'm sorry?
          • Player: Oh, you know; 'If you could just do me one small favour', that kind of thing. Always seems to happen when I need to do something urgently. Like stop the entire world from ending. But no, no, you're right, your petty little issue is clearly so important that we must endanger us all.
          • Padomenes: Are... are you alright?
          • Select an option
            • [Continue to rant]
              • Player: No! No I am not! Every time I try and avert some horrifying catastrophe someone always has to give me some mindless little task before I can get there. Get me better armour! Bake me a cake! Find Mr Fibbles my delightful stuffed crocodile! Is it really so much to ask that we deal with the immediate problem and then I can come back and deal with the small stuff later as a miniquest or post quest content? No? FINE! Let's just move on shall we? You can give me your mindless task that will doubtless have more hurdles and then maybe we can not ALL DIE!
              • Sir Upticious: Ha ha ha! You tell em kid!
              • Padomenes: Feeling better?
              • Player: Oh go f-
              • Sir Owen: Yes, so moving on very quickly. What was the problem again?
              • Padomenes: Yes, I cannot possibly give Sir Varze my blessing whilst they are so poorly equipped.
              • Sir Owen: So get them better equipment?
              • (Continues below)
            • [Move on]
              • Player: *Sigh* Yes, it's fine. You want better equipment for your knights was it?
              • Padomenes: Yes, I cannot possibly give Sir Varze my blessing whilst they are so poorly equipped.
              • Sir Owen: So get them better equipment?
              • (Continues below)
      • Padomenes: Were it so simple. Sir Vyvin holds the keys to the best equipment and he's refusing to give it to my recruits. I do not understand why humans find it so difficult to get things done. But they're stuck in this flimsy armour until he changes his mind.
      • Sir Owen: *Sigh* we'll go talk to him then. He should be in the office next to Saradomin's throne room.
      • short pause in dialogue
      • (Continues below)
    • Talk about something else.
      • Non quest dialogue

Talking to Sir Upticious or Sir Owen afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: Is it really so hard to equip your soldiers properly? They're White Knights for Saradomin's sake. They'll find themselves facing black knights, demons and worse before too long. It's not like there isn't enough money here, or ore. The church of Saradomin is the largest religion, we have connections with every major human kingdom. There's plenty of resources to make sure these knights are ready for battle. This shouldn't be so difficult.
  • Sir Upticious: This is why Temple Knights are much better than White Knights! You guys see a need and you fill it. No questions, no forms, no hoops to jump through. If something needs to be done, you get it done.
  • Sir Owen: Exactly! Can you imagine this lot trying to deal with Mother Mallum and her slugs?
  • Light Voice: It would never even occur to them to push a pillar onto her.
  • Sir Owen: We'd all be dead, or worse, by now. *Sigh* here I am ranting again. Sorry, let's go and speak to Sir Vyvin.

Talking to Sir Vyvin[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Upticious before Sir Vyvin[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Owen before Sir Vyvin[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Vyvin[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Sir Vyvin: Greetings traveler.
  • Select an option
    • [Ask about Azzanadra's Quest.]
      • Player: Do you have a moment to talk about the White Knight recruits?
      • Sir Vyvin: I'm very busy right now, but I can spare a few moments, what do you want?
      • Player: I want you to give the White Knight recruits new equipment.
      • Sir Vyvin: Ha! As if we just have armour to spare!
      • Sir Owen: You don't? You can't tell me that the White Knights are bankrupt?
      • Sir Vyvin: Well of course not. But we can't just hand out armour willy-nilly. Why there are procedures and forms and...
      • Player: I can see where this is going...
      • Sir Vyvin: Of course I can't get any new armour signed off until Saradomin returns.
      • Sir Owen: What? Why do you need Saradomin?
      • Sir Vyvin: Before Saradomin left he said how happy he was and how the White Knights have his blessing. Which clearly means that white armour must be blessed before it can be given to any new knights. Otherwise they would not have his blessing and therefore could not be White Knights.
      • Sir Upticious: That's obviously not what he meant...
      • Sir Vyvin: Of course it is! We are his holy crusaders! How can we be holy if we have not received his blessing?
      • Sir Upticious: You're doing this on purpose...
      • Sir Owen: But we need this armour in order for the priests to summon Saradomin back!
      • Sir Vyvin: Hrmm, yes, I can see how that would be tricky. Still, my hands are tied.
      • Sir Owen: ... Right, that's it. I've had enough of this bureaucratic nonsense. It's clear that we're not going to get anything done here. The White Knights and the priests are too entrenched in their own red tape. Player we'll just do it ourselves. If summoning Saradomin is possible, there's a process for it and if there's a process...
      • Player: There's paperwork.
      • Sir Owen: All the files are kept in the war room downstairs, I'll meet you there.
      • Screen fades out and Sir Upticious and Sir Owen have left the room
    • Do you have anything to trade?
      • Non quest dialogue
    • Why are there so many knights in this city?
      • Non quest dialogue
    • Can I just distract you for a minute?
      • Non quest dialogue

War Room again[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Upticious[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: We should talk to Sir Grumpalot here.
  • Player moves to Sir Owen
  • (Continues below)

Talking to Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: If there are going to be any documentation about this ritual, chances are it's here.
  • Sir Upticious: There doesn't seem to be much here?
  • Sir Owen: I would have thought there'd be more paperwork. Try the cupboard and I'll look through the documents on the table.

Searching the crates[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Best not to make more than one bomb.

Searching the cupboard[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • Look for ritual documents.
      • There are several files here but none of them seem important.
      • Sir Owen: Anything?
      • Player: Nothing useful. Did you find anything?
      • Sir Owen: Just a reference to Saint Elspeth's birthday for some reason. ... I'm an idiot! Sir Amik recently had a safe installed in Sir Renitee's office directly above us. I'll bet Elspeth's birthday is the code, come let's go.
      • Screen blacks out and Trindine and Sir Owen leave the room
    • Get charcoal and papyrus.
      • Without the papyrus and charcoal in inventory
        • You find some papyrus.
        • You find some charcoal.
      • With the papyrus and charcoal in inventory
        • The cupboard seems empty.

Sir Renitee's Office[edit | edit source]

Speaking to Sir Upticious[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: You and Sir Nastyskincondition here should take a look at that safe.
  • (Continues below)

Opening the safe[edit | edit source]

Speaking to Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: Let's try opening the safe.
  • Sir Owen: Right let's me see... Was it 3 or a 5 there?
  • Sounds of dials spinning and tumblers clicking. Safe opens up.
  • Sir Owen: There! Got it! Here it is. ... It doesn't seem too complicated, with the right items we could just do this ourselves. Here, take a look.
  • Sir Owen hands you the ritual instructions.
  • {{{1}}}
  • Sir Owen: We need a 'silent bell' and bless it in the waters of the River Salve. Should be simple enough. If you can get that sorted Player, I'll stay here and find out what these 'anointed incenses' are and get the throne ready.
  • Sir Upticious: Sir Owen, I'll stay here with you, but before I do I feel it only fair to be honest with you. I am not what I appear to be...
  • Sir Owen: Oh really? Let me see if I can work this out. ... You're obviously an undercover operative working with Player on a wider mission. You're not really a White Knight at all. You carry yourself oddly, as though you're used to more height, and you have a tendency to sneer. If I had to guess, you're a shapeshifter. Probably a Mahjarrat or demon of some kind, given you're working with Azzanadra. Going by recent reports of a Mahjarrat being freed from an archaeological digsite, I'm going to assume that's you. The known Mahjarrat have distinct modi operandi. What was the name? Terrapin? Bingreen?
  • Sir Upticious: Trindine.
  • Sir Owen: Yes that was it. Nice to meet you.
  • Sir Upticious: I genuinely thought this would be more of a dramatic moment? I'd been practicing an elaborate reveal spin and everything.
  • Sir Owen: Sorry. I'm a Temple Knight, we keep tabs on all the Mahjarrat. You lot tend to be at the centre of most of Gielinor's problems.
  • Sir Upticious: Fair enough. Okay Player, we'll be by Saradomin's throne once you've got the ritual components.
  • Screen blacks out and Trindine and Sir Owen leave the room

Opening the already opened safe[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've got what I need from here.

Saradomin summoning ritual[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Saradomin summoning ritual.
Rite of Returning

In his eternal wisdom the great Saradomin has provided these instructions should he need to return to Gielinor.

Firstly one must remove any unexpected items from Saradomin's throne, and scatter the anointed incences, for this will be his guiding beacon.

Secondly, one must prepare a blessed silent bell. To do this one must remove the clapper from a standard slayer bell and then bless it in the well at the temple in Paterdomus.

Finally, one must ring the bell thrice whilst standing by the throne and calling out the name of the most holy.

Follow these steps and Saradomin will hear.

Preparing the silent bell[edit | edit source]

Removing the clapper[edit | edit source]

  • You remove the clapper and crate a 'silent bell'.
  • Player receives Silent bell.

Ringing the silent bell[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Silence... I don't know what else I expected.

Blessing the silent bell[edit | edit source]

  • You dip the bell in the waters of the Salve and bless the silent bell.
  • Player receives Silent bell (blessed).

Ringing the silent bell (blessed)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I need to be near Saradomin's throne before this will do anything.

Calling Saradomin[edit | edit source]

Talking to Sir Owen before ringing the bell[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Owen: Remeber, you just need to ring a 'blessed silent bell' three times, whilst calling out Saradomin's name. Should be simple enough.

Talking to Sir Upticious before ringing the bell[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Upticious: Isn't there some ridiculous ritual you should be doing? Ringing a silent bell or some such nonsense. Sir Grumpalot here probably remembers it better.

Ringing the bell[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option
    • Saradomin!
      • Rung the first time:
        • You feel a sense of magic building.
        • Sir Upticious: Two more to go.
      • Rung a second time:
        • You can sense energy reaching skywards, just one more ring.
        • Sir Owen: One more ring and Saradomin should arrive.
      • Rung a third time:
    • Zaros!
      • If rung after Saradomin
        • The magic dissipates into nothingness.
      • Sir Owen: Why are you calling Zaros? Shouldn't you be calling for Saradomin?
    • Oi blueberry!
      • If rung after Saradomin
        • The magic dissipates into nothingness.
      • Sir Owen: If you're not going to take it seriously, then give me the bell.
    • Xau-Tak!
      • If rung after Saradomin
        • The magic dissipates into nothingness.
      • Sir Owen: I don't think just shouting random words is going to be helpful right now.
    • Mod Raven!
      • If rung after Saradomin
        • The magic dissipates into nothingness.
      • Sir Owen: Please don't get his attention. I want to live through this.

Saradomin is summoned[edit | edit source]

  • Senior Priest: Oh magnificent Saradomin. Luminous Bringer of Light and Lord of Order. Forgive the inconvenience that these wretches have brought upon you.
  • Player turns away from the priest to face Saradomin
  • Saradomin: It matters little now. Why have I been summoned?
  • Sir Owen: Choose your words carefully Player, we need to give Saradomin the right context or he might dismiss us outright.
  • Choose an option:
    • We need your crown.
      • Senior Priest: Blasphemy!
      • Saradomin: An amusing jest. I cannot hand over the most powerful item in my possession for no reason, even to you World Guardian. This crown is how I will find a solution to the dangers that Sliske unleashed on this world. It is the only means by which I can track down artefacts of sufficient power to protect this planet. I respect all you do, World Guardian, but a god's faith cannot be blind.
      • Screen fades to black
      • Sir Owen: Saradomin's not unreasonable, give him context and I'm sure he'll listen. Just make sure we explain the situation in the right order.
      • You try again from the beginning...
      • (Shows initial options)
    • We need to find the eggs
      • Saradomin: Eggs? What eggs? Is this something to do with that bizarre rabbit? Or has the Evil Chicken somehow ascended to godhood?
      • Senior Priest: I'm so sorry lord, for the nonsense they are spouting right now. Shall I have them removed?
      • Screen fades to black
      • Sir Owen: Saradomin's not unreasonable, give him context and I'm sure he'll listen. Just make sure we explain the situation in the right order.
      • You try again from the beginning...
      • (Shows initial options)
    • The world is in danger.
      • Saradomin: In danger from what?
      • Player: The elder gods threat is much greater than when you were last here. It's only a matter of time before the eggs hatch and the newborn elder gods consume all the anima on the planet.
      • Sir Upticious: Killing everyone and everything in the process.
      • Saradomin: And then tear apart the rest of the universe. Yes, I can see why this would concern you. Are you here at the behest of Seren and her council?
      • Select an option
        • We are concerned about Seren.
          • Player: We are concerned about Seren and the influence she has over the council.
          • Saradomin: We?
          • Player: I am working with Azzanadra. We're worried about the influence Seren is exerting over the council.
          • Saradomin: I see. So, what is Zaros's plan?
          • Player: Oh, I'm working with Azzanadra, not Zaros.
          • Saradomin: You speak as if the two are different. But that is a discussion for another time. What is Azzanadra's plan?
          • Choose an option:
            • We need your crown.
            • We need to find the eggs.
              • Saradomin: You want to find the elder gods' eggs? To what end?
              • Player: Finding the eggs is the first step to finding a true solution. The elder gods need to touch the eggs in order to hatch them. So if we can somehow intervene before then, we can prevent them waking.
              • Saradomin: Yes, that makes sense. However, I'm not sure what you've summoned me for in this matter?
              • Choose an option:
                • We need your crown.
                  • Saradomin: I see. You believe that the Crown can help you find them?
                  • Player: Yes. As the crown can track down elder artifacts, surely it can track down the eggs themselves?
                  • Saradomin: A fine theory, but an incorrect one I'm afraid. I have already tried to use the crown to search for the eggs on Gielinor, but either the eggs are shielded from it's power...
                  • Sir Owen: Or it doesn't work on them.
                  • Saradomin: Indeed Sir Sonde, you are correct. I'm sorry World Guardian, if the crown could help you I would give it. But it cannot and so it must remain with me.
                  • Senior Priest: See! You waste the time of he most holy! Lord Saradomin, just say the word and I shall have them locked away. Such blasphemy! Such hubris! Such...
                  • Saradomin: Be silent, Father Frith!
                  • Senior Priest: My lord, I...
                  • Saradomin: The World Guardian and Sir Sonde have summoned me to avert the end of the world. Yet here you are condeming them. Why?
                  • Senior Priest: You were busy offworld, lord. I did not think you wanted to be disturbed.
                  • Saradomin: Did you not think that I gave you the summoning ritual for a reason? That I was to be summoned if there was a need for me?
                  • Senior Priest: Well yes, but surely the need needed to be great indeed.
                  • Saradomin: And you believe there is a need greater then the end of the world? Do you not consider the rising of the ancient creator gods, and the destruction that would follow, significant? How much more needed to be at stake?
                  • Senior Priest: Our souls! Life is fleeting. Flesh transitory. Suffering only a path to salvation. Only if our souls were at stake should we be in need.
                  • Saradomin: I see. I appreciate that you mean well Father Frith, and it warms me to see your faith so strong. But one cannot live by faith alone. Faith must be tempered with deed and with action, lest it is simple hope in disguise. In future, should a similar situation arise, know that the safety of this world and its people are paramount to me. I prize this world's wellbeing above all else. World Guardian, I am sorry that I cannot provide you the help you need. I can see that I have much to address here in Falador, but should you need my assistance in future, you may find me here.
                  • Sir Owen: Thank you lord Saradomin, for your time and assistance. We shall be on our way. Well Player, this appears to be a dead end. I wish I could help more.
                  • Player: Why not join us on this quest? Your help could be invaluable.
                  • Sir Upticious: Oh yes. Good idea Player, You'd be a great help Sir Grumpalot.
                  • Sir Owen: If you'll have me, I'd be glad to help.
                  • Player: Happy to have you along. We should head back to Kharid-et and speak with the others.
                  • Sir Owen: I shall meet you there.
                  • Screen fades out and cutscene ends. Sir Owen and Trindine have left the room
                  • (Dialogue ends)
                • The world is in danger.
        • [Lie] Yes.
          • Saradomin: I am glad she has finally decided to seek my advice. What is your plan?
          • (Continues above)

Talking to Father Frith afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Saradomin didn't seem too pleased with you.
  • Father Frith: I shall atone for my mistakes. Perhaps one day I can be worth[sic] again in Saradomin's eyes.

Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

Talking to either Ariane, Trindine, Sir Owen or Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: But is it Zaros's preferences that makes something righteous, or does Zaros only prefer things that are already righteous?
  • Azzanadra: This will have to wait. Player, Trindine, were you successful?
  • Player: We summoned Saradomin, but he wouldn't give us the crown.
  • Sir Owen: He said he's already tried to find the eggs using it, and it wouldn't work anyway.
  • Ariane: Owen!
  • Sir Owen: Hello, Ariane. It's been a while.
  • Trindine: Bit of romantic tension there maybe?
  • Azzanadra: Who is this?
  • Sir Owen: I am Sir Owen Sonde, Knight of the Temple.
  • Azzanadra: A Saradominist?
  • Select an option
    • He's not like other Saradomists!
      • (Same as below)
    • He wants to help!
      • (Same as below)
  • Sir Owen: Player said you are working to stop the elder gods from rising.
  • Azzanadra: Ideally, yes. Right now we are trying to find the eggs.
  • Sir Owen: You want results, and you've exhausted official channels.
  • Azzanadra: Yes.
  • Sir Owen: That's what the Temple Knights are for.
  • Azzanadra: Then we will put you to use.
  • Player: The crown was a dead end. What else can we do?
  • Azzanadra: The crown was a potential opportunity, but not the only one. We must pursue every lead we have.
  • Player: What else is there?
  • Azzanadra: I have been drawing up a list of possible avenues of investigation. The most obvious are those most directly connected with the elder gods, mouthpieces known as the Kra.
  • Ariane: Player, didn't you meet them when we were trying to stop Xenia?
  • Player: Yes. They were bizarre creatures. Surprisingly opinionated for constructs.
  • Azzanadra: I have had dealings with them in the past. Ariane and I will interrogate them. Perhaps we can be more persuasive this time. Player, you will take Trindine to investigate three other potential leads. The TokHaar, Guthix and the Saradomist wizards.
  • Sir Owen: What are TokHar?
  • Ariane: Creations of the elder gods. They shaped Gielinor, or helped to. Maybe they even created the Elder Halls?
  • Player: A rebellious faction live under the volcano in Karamja. TzHaar City. We could start there. We can't ask Guthix though. Guthix is dead.
  • Azzanadra: Indeed. However, my understanding is that he left many memories, some of which are still being discovered.
  • Player: That's right! There's a large repository of them near Piscatoris.
  • Ariane: By wizards you mean the Wizards' Tower, right?
  • Sir Owen: It is the greatest repository of lore in the Saradominist kingdoms.
  • Ariane: They're an elitist clique of uninspired fossils.
  • Trindine: My dear, that's why you're not going.
  • Ariane: Yes, it makes sense to send you instead. You'll fit right in.
  • Azzanadra: Enough. We have tasks to do.
  • Sir Owen: What about me?
  • Azzanadra: Do you have any suggestions to offer?
  • Trindine: Didn't you mention that the Temple Knights get secret orders?
  • Sir Owen: Not that I remember, no.
  • Trindine: Sure you did. The temple knights have a secret leader.
  • Player: Yes, Sir Vey Lance. Supposedly he gets his orders directly from Saradomin.
  • Sir Owen: Why not give away our entire hierarchy while you're at it!
  • Player: Isn't that the whole hierarchy anyway?
  • Sir Owen: That's not the point!
  • Trindine: Have you met him?
  • Sir Owen: No, we receive occasional coded messages via commorb, or other secretive methods. Sir Lance's location is classified.
  • Trindine: Spy stuff. I love it.
  • Sir Owen: Why do you ask?
  • Trindine: If he's so well-informed, isn't it possible that he knows something about the elder gods?
  • Sir Owen: It seems unlikely, but I suppose it could be possible. I don't know why he would have kept such knowledge from Saradomin though. I have been wondering about him for a while - with Saradomin returned, why hasn't he revealed himself? And what did happen to Ki- no, forget it.
  • Azzanadra: Then you have your assignment. Unearth Sir Vey Lance and acquire any information he may have on the eggs, or the elder gods in general. We will meet back here and discuss anything we turn up.
  • Screen fades black and Azzanadra, Ariane and Sir Owen leave

Talking to Trindine afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Before going to TzHaar:
    • Trindine: We still need to ask the TokHaar if they know anything about the eggs.
    • Player: Oh, yes, in TzHaar City under the volcano in Karamja.
  • Before going to the Wizard's Tower:
    • Trindine: We still need to visit the Wizards' Tower and see if they know anything about the eggs.
    • Player: South of Draynor, right.
  • Before going to the Guthixian memorial:
    • Trindine: Didn't you say there was a repository of Guthixian memories?
    • Player: Yeah near Piscatoris.

TzHaar City[edit | edit source]

Talking to Trindine outside the entrance to the city[edit | edit source]

  • Trindine: Fascinating.
  • Player: You've never been here before?
  • Trindine: No. The Empire never successfully invaded Karamja. I've read up on them now, of course. The elder gods made a lava bath which spits out lava monsters to make planets. Some of the lava monsters don't want to get back into the bath and get melted down, so they live in a volcano instead. That about right?
  • Player: It's a bit of an oversimplification, but close enough.

Talking to Trindine or Ga'al inside the city at the entrance[edit | edit source]

  • Ga'al: JalYt!
  • Player: Ga'al! I'm sorry, which Ga'al are you? You all look very similar.
  • Ga'al: Am TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot.
  • Trindine: Who's this funny little fellow?
  • Player: It's a Ga'al. They're born... malformed.
  • Trindine: Like Mah?
  • Player: Yes, I suppose so.
  • Ga'al: Who is horrifying lady?
  • Trindine: Excuse me?
  • Ga'al: Lady has no soul. Lady made of anathema. Lady looking at Ga'al-Kot with very scary face.
  • Trindine: What is it talking about?
  • Player: I think maybe shadow magic?
  • Trindine: I spent thousands of years in the Shadow Realm. Some of it must have rubbed off. I'm surprised this thing can detect it.
  • Ga'al: TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot not think scary lady should come into
  • Select an option
    • This is Trindine. She's my friend.
      • (Continues below)
    • This is Trindine. She's helping me with my quest.
      • (Continues below)
  • Player: You can trust her.
  • Ga'al: Well... if JalYt say so. TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot trust.
  • Player: We're here for information.
  • Ga'al: Oh! TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot forgot. Come with TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot!
  • Player: Come where?
  • Ga'al: TokHaar is here! Come to main plaza!
  • Screen fades out and Trindine and Ga'al are gone

At the main plaza[edit | edit source]

Talking to TokHaar-Hok, TzHaar-Mej-Jeh, Trindine, or Ga'al at the main plaza[edit | edit source]

  • TokHaar-Hok: The masters have returned. We must serve their will. Almost all the Haar-Tok and TokKul have been returned to the kiln. We are almost whole once more. All that remains are those of you who will not join us.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: Our answer is unchanged, TokHaar.
  • TokHaar-Hok: The time of the TzHaar is over. Now is the time for unity.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: You ask too much. You ask us to surrender our individuality, our identity.
  • TzHaar-Ket-Keh: I want to be me!
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: You cannot force us.
  • TokHaar-Hok: We could easily do so, but we will not. You are part of us. We wish to join in union with you, and for you to join in union with us. What joy would there be in force?
  • TzHaar-Xil-Tog: Is it really true that the masters have returned?
  • TokHaar-Hok: Ful swims in the sacred lava once more. We surround her, sing with her. Can you not hear her voice?
  • TzHaar-Xil-Tog: I hear nothing. But if it is true that she has returned... Tzhaar-Mej-Keh, maybe your lineage has forgotten, but I still remember. We came to Mor Ul Rek to wait for the masters, not to escape them. I will return with you to the sacred lava, TokHaar.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: You will be destroyed! Forgotten!
  • TokHaar-Hok: No. Not forgotten. Remembered for all time. We hold within us the memories of all that has passed. The one you knew as TzHaar-Ket-Yit'tal lives on within us. TzHaar-Mej-Ak. Ga'al-Xox. They all await.
  • TzHaar-Xil-Tog: I go now to the Kiln.
  • TokHaar-Hok: Return with grace, TzHaar. We will remain here to find any others we can convince.
  • Trindine: See if this lot know anything useful. I think I saw something like a library on the way in, I'm going to check that.
  • Ga: TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot go with horrifying lady, to keep eye on her.
  • Player: Right.
  • Trindine: Come and find me when you're done.
  • Screen fades out and Trindine and TzHaar-Xil-Tog are gone

Talking to TokHaar-Hok afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • TokHaar-Hok: Human.
  • Player: How's it going?
  • TokHaar-Hok: The TokHaar are almost whole. Once the final TzHaar have reunited with us, we can serve the masters with utmost efficiency.
  • Player: What about for you personally?
  • TokHaar-Hok: We do not understand the question.
  • Player: How are things going for TokHaar-Hok?
  • TokHaar-Hok: We think we understand your confusion, human. We are not TokHaar-Hok.
  • Player: Now I don't understand. If you're not TokHaar-Hok, who are you? You look like TokHaar-Hok.
  • TokHaar-Hok: This body is TokHaar-Hok. It is TokHaar, shape of Hok - a mouthpiece for the TokHaar. But we - our mind, perhaps, as you would think of it - our mind is not TokHaar-Hok. Our mind is TokHaar. We are the TokHaar. We are the sacred lava. We are the We see through a thousand pairs of eyes and sing in one joyful union.
  • Player: Oh. Well actually that leads me to my next question.
  • TokHaar-Hok: We are listening.
  • Player: You guys made Gielinor, right?
  • TokHaar-Hok: In part. We shaped mountains from the sacred clay. The landscape is our canvas, built with precision.
  • Player: Did you make the elder halls?
  • TokHaar-Hok: The sacred site where the masters concealed their eggs?
  • Player: That's the one.
  • TokHaar-Hok: A site of such significance that its location should never be shared, under any circumstances?
  • Player: Maybe...
  • TokHaar-Hok: Yes, we built the elder halls. Why do you ask?
  • Player: Er... we're trying to find it, and I wondered if you could tell us where it is.
  • TokHaar-Hok: You must not set foot on that holy ground. You would taint it with your mere presence. We will not reveal the location. We would be utterly destroyed, cooled and smashed and ground down into the finest of dust, before we allowed such knowledge to fall into the hands of one such as you.
  • Player: That's... a no, then?
  • TokHaar-Hok: It is.

Talking to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: Why have you returned, YtHaar?
  • Player: You don't want to join the TokHaar?
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: It is difficult. I do understand what the TokHaar are saying. The TzHaar have no purpose. We have lived and died in these caves since the dawn of this world. Why? For what purpose? We live, we learn, we lay our egg, we die, we forget. We were created for a purpose. To serve the masters. To have purpose again... it is something I do feel a need But the cost is so high. To surrender my identity completely. To no longer be an individual. What do you think, YtHaar?
  • Select an option
    • If you surrender yourself you no longer exist. What good is purpose then?
      • (Continues below)
    • Without purpose, existence is meaningless. If you can find purpose, you should.
      • (Continues below)
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: I will think on what you have said. Have you come to Mor Ul Rek for any particular reason?
  • Player: Actually I have. We're trying to find the elder halls.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: I am not familiar with that term.
  • Player: The elder gods. The... masters. After they created this world they laid eggs.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: Ah yes, I know this legend. The MorRek. This city is named after them, in a sense. What of them?
  • Player: The place where the eggs are hidden is called the elder halls. We need to find it.
  • TzHaar-Mej-Jeh: I am sorry, YtHaar, but if we were involved in building such a place, it was a very, very long time ago. I have never heard TzHaar even speak of it. Much has been forgotten. Perhaps the TokHaar can help? They claim to remember everything.

TzHaar library[edit | edit source]

Talking to Trindine or Ga'al[edit | edit source]

  • Trindine: Any luck?
  • Player: The TzHaar have never heard of the Elder Halls, and the TokHaar know where they are but won't tell us under any circumstances.
  • Trindine: Hm... torture?
  • Player: The TokHaar are a mountain-sized, sentient, hive-minded, elder artefact filled with lava, that create and destroy massive, obsidian bodies at will.
  • Trindine: So torture is out?
  • Player: Probably best avoided. Did you find anything in the library?
  • Trindine: They use these memory-orb thingies. The Ga'al has been helping me.
  • Ga'al: TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot help!
  • Trindine: Between us, we could probably scour the place, given enough time.
  • Player: How much time?
  • Trindine: A few weeks. Maybe a few months.
  • Player: Maybe that could be a backup plan if nothing else pans out. Goodbye, TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot.
  • Ga'al: Goodbye, JalYt. Goodbye, horrifying lady.

  • Trindine: Seems like this was a waste of time.
  • Player: I would have thought Azzanadra would come up with better leads.
  • If only TzHaar has been investigated:
    • Trindine: They can't all be winners. We still need to check the Wizards' Tower and the Hall of Memories.
Talking to Trindine or Ga'al again[edit | edit source]

Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

Walking up to the Wizard's Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Trindy: Pssst!
  • Player runs to Wizard Trindy
  • Wizard Trindy: What do you think? I'm a wizard who accessorises. It's a good look for me. Call me Wizard Trindy. Why, you ask? Because I'm trendy and I'm Trindine.
  • Select an option
    • Looking good!
      • Wizard Trindy: I knew you had excellent taste.
    • That hat does not suit you.
      • Wizard Trindy: I know what you mean, but wizards aren't known for high quality headwear. Besides I need to at least try and blend in and the first rule of wizard fashion appears to be a complete lack of fashion.
      • (Continues below)
    • You look awful!
      • Wizard Trindy: I'm not taking any clothing advice from someone dressed like that.
  • Wizard Valina: If you want to come in, you'll need to talk to me, not just mutter between yourselves.
  • Player: Yes, hello. We'd like to enter the Wizards' Tower, please.
  • Wizard Valina: Well I know who you are, World Guardian, and of course you're always welcome here. But who is your friend?
  • Player: This is, uh, Wizard Trindy.
  • Wizard Valina: Not a member of our order, or I would recognise you. Where did you get that hat?
  • Wizard Trindy: Oh, I, um, I bought it in Port Sarim. I wanted to make a good impression! I've come from Falador, we'd like to make use of your library, if that's okay?
  • Wizard Valina: We can't just let anyone in. You could be a Zamorakian, here to burn the tower down again!
  • Wizard Trindy: I can assure you that Zamorak is no friend of mine.
  • Wizard Valina: World guardian, will you vouch for the trustworthiness of your companion?
  • Player: Of course. We're here researching the elder gods to try and save the world.
  • Wizard Valina: Elder gods! Fascinating. I heard there was a presentation about them in Burthorpe.
  • Player: Yes, I was there.
  • Wizard Valina: I doubt you'll find much of use here, they were unheard of in these parts prior to recent events. Nevertheless you're welcome to peruse our library if you see a need for it. Anything of relevance would be filed under history and archaeology, on the ground floor.
  • Player: Thanks!
  • Wizard Trindy: Let's split up. I'll search the bookcases to the east, you take the four to the west.
  • Screen fades out and Wizard Trindy has moved to the east bookcases in the tower

Searching bookcases[edit | edit source]

Talking to Wizard Trindy before searching[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Trindy: All I've learned so far is that humans have some very primitive ideas about magic. Have you finished searhcing your half yet?
  • Player: Not yet. Back in a mo.

First bookcase looked in[edit | edit source]

  • 'Gnomish Internecine Rivalries During the Third Quarter of the Fourth Age'
  • Shadow Voice: Oh, how dreadfully boring.
  • Player: There's nothing about the elder gods here.

Looking in a bookcase again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've already looked here.

Second bookcase looked in[edit | edit source]

  • 'The Elder Ones Are Here!'
  • Light Voice: That looks promising!
  • Player: ... Oh, it's about care homes in Varrock. Why do they have a whole section of old advertisements?
  • Shadow Voice: Because they hate you.

Third bookcase looked in[edit | edit source]

  • 'Reldo's Ages: First Edition'
  • Player: Ooh, a first edition! ... The foreword is written by the Makeover Mage? ... Zaros died because he tripped and fell?
  • Shadow Voice: Someone should fix this.
  • Player: He did, sixteen times! This version doesn't even mention the elder gods.

Fourth bookcase looked in[edit | edit source]

  • 'Sliske's Game: A Storyline'
  • Light Voice: What's this one about?
  • Shadow Voice: Someone called 'Slisk' and something about a game.
  • Light Voice: 'Slisk'? Who's that then?
  • Shadow Voice: Never heard of them.
  • Player: It's pronounced 'Sliskay'.
  • Shadow Voice: Whoever they are, they sound like a bore.
  • Player: Actually I think you would have gotten along pretty well.
  • Light Voice: Does it mention the elder gods?
  • Player: Yes, but only that time I met Jas with Seren and Zaros. Nothing we don't already know. Come to think of it... who wrote this book?
  • Player: ...'Professor Soran'?
  • Wizard Borann: Quiet over there! This is a library, you know!
  • Player: I'd better see if Trindine's had better luck.

Checking back with Wizard Trindy after searching bookcases[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Trindy: What have you found?
  • Player: I found that someone has been documenting my recent activities, but there's nothing in that section concerning elder gods. You?
  • Wizard Trindy: Nothing relevant. Seems like everywhere we go, no one wants to let me in.
  • Player: Have you considered not being the ancient spy of a dark lord?
  • If TzHaar has already been looked at:
    • Wizard Trindy: We still need to check the Hall of Memories.

Memorial to Guthix[edit | edit source]

Talking to Trindine near the pool[edit | edit source]

  • Trindine: It's picturesque, I'll give it that. You're the expert here. What do we do?
  • Player: Under the pool there's another chamber. It's full of automatons and memories.
  • Trindine: Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be? Lead on.

Attempting to enter the pool to the Hall of Memories[edit | edit source]

  • Continue Azzanadra's quest?
    • Yes.
    • No - Enter the Hall of Memories as normal.
      • Player enters the Hall of Memories as normal

In the Hall of Memories[edit | edit source]

  • The Archivist: WARNING! Unauthorised intruder detected. Initiating defensive protocols!
  • Player: Wait!
  • The Archivist: Countermeasures will activate in 3...
  • Player: Emergency... uh... override!
  • The Archivist: Defensive protocols paused. Awaiting input.
  • Select an option
    • Calculate the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter!
    • This statement is a lie!
      • The Archivist: Logic mode: Your statement contains a contradiction, and therefore has a truth value of false.
      • (Continues below)
    • Can an omnipotent entity create a rock so heavy it can't lift it?
  • The Archivist: Resuming defensive protocols. Countermeasures will activate in 2...
  • Player: Wait! Emergency override!
  • The Archivist: Defensive protocols paused. Awaiting input.
  • Select an option
  • The Archivist: Input: facile. Ignoring. Resuming defensive protocols. Countermeasures will activate in 1...
  • Player: Wait! Emergency override!
  • The Archivist: Defensive protocols paused. Awaiting input.
  • Player: Memory... uh... core... uh...
  • Trindine: I can't believe I'm going to die in this dump.
  • Player: Core dump! Dump memory? Dump core memory!
  • The Archivist: Processing. Cannot comply. Reinterpreting: dumping archivist core memories. Rebooti- Greetings, automaton. My memory appears to have been wiped.
  • Player: We need to access anything Guthix might know about the elder gods.
  • The Archivist: Memory error: access. Archivist memory incomplete. Directive: Return archivist memories to restore prior functionality.
  • Player: This is Trindine. When I restore your memories, don't flag her as an intruder.
  • The Archivist: Unauthorised user flagged as non-intruder: Trindine.

Collecting memories[edit | edit source]

  • X/6 Archivist memories contained.
Talking to Trindine before collecting all memories[edit | edit source]
  • Trindine: Divination? More like Divina-I'm-not-doing-it. I don't want to get bits of Guthix on my fingers.
  • Player: I think they're the Archivist's memories? I don't understand how any of this works.
  • Trindine: It's still divine energy. Would you want to pick up pieces of floating flesh?
Talking to the Archivist before collecting all memories[edit | edit source]
  • The Archivist: Archivist memories required to restore prior system functionality.
After collecting all memories[edit | edit source]
  • 6/6 Archivist memories contained.
  • Player: That's all of them. I'd better get these back to the Archivist.

Talking to the Archivist after restoring its memory[edit | edit source]

  • Player: There you go. Feeling better?
  • The Archivist: Restoring functionality... 0%.
  • Player: ...
  • Trindine: ...
  • Player: ...
  • The Archivist: 1%.
  • Trindine: You've got to be kidding me.
  • Player: Soooo...
  • Trindine: Oh no. We're not going to make small talk, are we?
  • Choose an option:
    • If not already asked:
      • Did you ever meet Guthix?
        • Player: Did you ever meet Guthix?
        • Trindine: We knew of Guthix back during the Empire, of course. He had pagan cults all over the continent, and we were pretty confident he wasn't mythological. I spent a lot of time rooting out druidic sects, but we never heard a peep from the god himself.
        • Player: I met Guthix. Then he died.
        • Trindine: So I've heard. Never thought Sliske would manage to pull off something like that.
        • If this is the first question that was asked:
          • The Archivist: 7%.
        • If this is the second question asked:
          • The Archivist: 16%.
        • (Continues below)
    • If not already asked:
      • You never seem to mention Zaros.
        • Player: You never seem to mention Zaros.
        • Trindine: The big guy? Why would I?
        • Player: I don't know if you've noticed, but there aren't many Zarosians left. The others all seem pretty fanatical in their faith and loyalty.
        • Trindine: Oh, I'm not devout enough? You're not wrong, to be honest. Azzy has all this guff about a grand plan, but it was never a religious thing for me.
        • Player: Then why continue to serve Zaros now?
        • Trindine: Back during the Empire, things were better when everything was under control. Besides, the Mahjarrat are my friends, as well as my people. We've been through a lot together. We came to this world together. What's the alternative, hide myself amongst the humans, call myself 'Innedirt'? No thanks.
        • Player: I thought that's what you did anyway. Isn't that basically what you were doing in Falador?
        • Trindine: Only temporarily. I couldn't live like that forever. I heard Wahisietel has been doing it for thousands of years. Gross.
        • Player: What about the Zamorakians, then?
        • Trindine: Seriously? Those traitors? I'd die first.
        • If this is the first question that was asked:
          • The Archivist: 7%.
        • (Continues below)
        • If this is the second question that was asked:
    • If not already asked:
      • What can you tell me about Sliske?
        • Player: What can you tell me about Sliske?
        • Trindine: I thought you were already acquainted.
        • Player: I didn't know him back in your time.
        • Trindine: Well, as a boss he was kind of irritating, really. I mean don't get me wrong, he was pretty hands-off most of the time, which I appreciated. A lot of the time you barely even knew whether he was there at all. But the incessant, neverending, ceaseless practical jokes! I don't think he could even tell the difference between childish pranks and lethal traps. One time I found a black chinchompa - you know, the really explosive ones - on my chair. He said he thought it was a whoopie cushion. I heard you killed him though.
        • Player: How do you feel about that?
        • Trindine: I'm not saying I wanted him dead or anything but... It sounds like he went pretty badly off the track. Not like he even tried to rescue me from the vault.
        • If this was the last question:
          • The Archivist: 23%. Archivist memory restoration complete. Greeting automaton. Greetings, unauthorised non-intruder Trindine.
          • Player: Can we access Guthix's memories now?
          • The Archivist: Directive: specify subject.
          • Player: The elder gods. Specifically, anything concerning the elder god eggs.
          • The Archivist: Memory error: elder gods. No data found.
          • Player: There has to be something. I'm the World Guardian!
          • The Archivist: Recognition: World Guardian. Initiating restricted memory protocol. ERROR! ERR-ERROR! Dumping restricted memories.
          • Trindine: Here we go again.
          • The Archivist: Restricted memories dumped. Directive: leave those restricted memory fragments alone, automaton. Only the World Guardian may access them.
          • Player: Restricted memory, eh? That sounds promising.
          • The screen shakes and Restricted memories are released throughout the hall

Collecting Restricted memory fragments[edit | edit source]

  • X/6 restricted memories collected.
Talking to Trindine before collecting all restricted memory fragments[edit | edit source]
  • Trindine: Is this what your life is usually like?
  • Player: What?
  • Trindine: Just wandering around collecting people's junk?
  • Player: Pretty much.
Talking to the Archivist collecting all restricted memory fragments[edit | edit source]
Collecting the last restricted memory fragment[edit | edit source]
  • 6/6 restricted memories collected.
  • Player: That's all six, I'd better put them on the plinths.
Talking to the Archivist after collecting all restricted memory fragments[edit | edit source]
  • Player: That's all six, I'd better put them on the plinths.

Interacting with plinths[edit | edit source]

  • X/6 restricted memories placed.
Last memory placed[edit | edit source]
  • 6/6 restricted memories placed.
  • Camera pans to the memory bud, which opens, but emits no memory
  • Player: Huh? There's no memory. I'd better check inside.
  • Camera returns to normal
Searching the memory bud[edit | edit source]
  • You find an engram stowed away within.
  • Trindine: What's that?
  • Player: It's an engram for the machinery upstairs.
  • Trindine: What do we do with it?
  • Player: I need to take it to the fountain of energy outside.
  • Trindine: Okay, you check that out, I'll take a look around here and see if we missed anything. See you outside.
Searching the memory bud again[edit | edit source]
  • Player: I've already found the engram.
Checking the restricted engram[edit | edit source]
  • Player: I should take this up to the memorial and see if the fountain can teach us anything.
Talking to the Archivist after collecting restricted engram[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Got what I came for. Don't need to disturb him further.

Using the restricted engram on the fountain of energy[edit | edit source]

  • Guthix: One day I will be gone. And on that day the barrier, my Edicts, will come crashing down. Gielinor will no longer be protected from them. I cannot leave this world, this beautiful world, unprotected. I must leave it with its shield, with its own guardian. Alas, there are none powerful enough that can be trusted with such a task. The gods are too petty, the dragonkin unable and my guardians too focused elsewhere. But perhaps there is a solution. The divine soul is capable of great feats, but it is rigid and unyielding. If we are to grow stronger we must take that power from elsewhere. Like my Edicts. I draw anima from the Heart of Gielinor itself and in turn I draw its shadow twin from the Codex. Funnelled through my sword the two energies in perfect harmony create a powerful force that repels the strongest threats to this world. But it requires my constant concentration. I must meditate and focus deeply lest the energies fall out of balance. And I will not be here forever. I cannot rely on another god to take my place. They would be too distracted by their own petty scheming and even Seren would be distracted by her love for her elves. So I must turn to mortals. But how could a mortal withstand the power needed to maintain the Edicts? It would be too much for them and it would tear them apart. Unless they were prepared for it. The mortal soul is a malleable and powerful thing. It can survive tremendous injury and return even stronger. If used correctly it can hold back the darkest forces. If I could take the heart of the enchantment and place it within a mortal soul. I could weave them both together with some of my own anima and the edict's shadow anima. Their soul would adapt to it. It would not be without benefit to them. They would become resistant to the powers of the other gods. Immune to the loyalty auras of Seren and Zaros and they would also find themselves protected from the shadow anima and it's[sic] abhorrent nature. Once part of them, their soul would adapt and change, absorbing anima and shadow anima alike. Growing, slowly, in power and preparing itself for the task ahead. Indeed they would find themselves connected to power they would never expect. They would be in constant connection with the Codex, absorbing the shadow anima in a steady flow even as they absorb the flow of anima around them. Its powers could enhance them, strengthen them and prepare them for the trials ahead. However, such an enchantment would need to be primed, unlocked, and that would require an outside force. Shadow magic. There are no experts in shadow magic that I can trust. But perhaps I can trust in their duplicity and curiosity. The Mahjarrat Sliske would be the perfect candidate for this. For all his faults there are few who can match his skill with shadow magic. If I could set him after this mortal soul, if I could focus him at them. He would work his magic upon them and this would act as the catalyst needed for the enchantment to grow. But I would need to change Sliske as well. He would need to be primed by my own magic, delivered directly and in the purest form. There are no experts in shadow magic that I can trust. But perhaps I can trust in their duplicity and curiosity. The Mahjarrat Sliske would be the perfect candidate for For all his faults there are few who can match his skill with shadow magic. If I could set him after this mortal soul, if I could focus him at them. He would work his magic upon them and this would act as the catalyst needed for the enchantment to grow. But I would need to change Sliske as well. He would need to be primed by my own magic, delivered directly and in the purest form. The only option there is the staff of Armadyl and it would mean my end. So be it. I was unable to protect Naragun with my life, so let me safeguard Gielinor with my death. I shall lure Sliske here with the promise of power and the frustrations of mystery. When he comes before me I shall let him know he is important, that only he can be the one to kill me. His curiosity will be inflamed and he will not be able to ignore that nagging voice in his head craving to learn more. It will consume him. Whatever name I give him, whoever I point him at, he will be drawn to them like a moth to a flame. He will not be able to be anything other than the spark needed to empower my chosen. I will need a hero. Someone whose soul is already strong enough to hold my enchantment. Aeternam wasn't strong enough and I must learn from that failure. A champion of the people will have a strong enough soul to contain the enchantment. As their soul grows through their experiences and adventures, the enchantment will grow with it. It will make them resistant to the power of gods and be a reserve of power that they can subconsciously tap into when they are at their most threatened. This champion will become my World Guardian. They will become a source of fascination to the gods and to all the most powerful and dangerous things. They cannot help but find themselves drawn into the battles that are to come. I must have faith that they will be ready.
  • Trindine: Anything useful?
  • Player: Uh... I don't know. Nothing relevant to the eggs, at least. You?
  • Trindine: No, nothing about the eggs. That's all three of our objectives complete.
  • Player: We still don't know where the elder eggs are.
  • Trindine: Come on, let's get back to Kharid-et and see if the others have done any better.
  • Screen fades out and Trindine is gone

Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

Talking to Azzanadra or Trindine[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's wrong with Ariane? And where's Sir Owen?
  • Azzanadra: Owen has not returned yet. Ariane is still recovering from our mission.
  • Player: What did you do to her?
  • Azzanadra: The Kra would not relinquish their information to us, so we devised an alternative.
  • Player: What sort of alternative?
  • Azzanadra: We destroyed all four of them and rendered their cores into a gaseous concoction, which Ariane then inhaled.
  • Trindine: I love it.
  • Player: Why?
  • Azzanadra: The plan was largely of her devising.
  • Player: Did you at least learn anything useful?
  • Azzanadra: She has yet to recover consciousness. What of your efforts?
  • Player: All three were dead ends. Something is going on in TzHaar City but we didn't learn anything about the eggs.
  • Ariane stands up
  • Ariane: ...
  • Player: Are you okay?
  • Ariane: I know where the eggs are.
  • Azzanadra: Where?
  • Ariane: The heart of Gielinor.
  • Azzanadra: That was the first place I looked. They are not there.
  • Ariane: Take me. I will show you.
  • Player: Are you okay?
  • Ariane: I'll be fine. We need to go now.
  • Azzanadra: Trindine, you find Sir Owen. The rest of us will go to the Heart of Gielinor and finish this.

Talking to Azzanadra, Trindine or Ariane afterwards[edit | edit source]

Heart of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Outside the Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: Things have changed here.
  • Player: Oh?
  • Azzanadra: The Heart was no longer necessary to my lord's designs, so our forces withdrew. I understand Zamorak also withdrew forces for reasons of his own, and Sliske's army crumbled and fled. Only the elves and that obscenity Gregorovic remain now. Be wary.
  • Ariane: The way to the eggs is close to the entrance. We don't have to go far.

Attempting to enter the Heart of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

  • Continue Azzanadra's quest?
    • Yes.
      • Screen fades out
    • No - Enter the Heart of Gielinor as normal.
      • Player enters the Heart of Gielinor as normal

Inside the Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Helwyr: Azzanadra. I thought I smelled something. Crawl back into your ruins, purple filth. The Heart belongs to the Cywir clan now.
  • Azzanadra: Believe it or not we come in peace.
  • Helwyr: I do not.
  • Light voice: Hey do you hear that?
  • Shadow voice: Hear what?
  • Player: Please, we need to pass. We're trying to save Gielinor from the elder gods.
  • Helwyr: Lady Seren leads the fight against the elder gods. If you were meant to be here, we would have been informed.
  • Light voice: That singing. That beautiful singing.
  • Shadow voice: Actually I do hear it. It's awful!
  • Player: We're working with Seren's council... sort of.
  • Helwyr: We are under strict instructions to secure this region, especially from Zarosians.
  • Light voice: Hey! Hey singer! Come sing for us!
  • Shadow voice: I think it's coming this way.
  • Azzanadra: I don't have time for this. Stand aside, elf, or I will do what I must.
  • Helwyr: Even you can't defeat all of us, minion.
  • Azzanadra: I have faced armies greater than this and triumphed.
  • Helwyr: Then maybe Zaros should have sent you here instead of that whelp.
  • Shadow voice: Here he comes!
  • Gregorovic appears
  • Gregorovic: Master? I heard you calling.
  • Helwyr: Ambush! Defensive positions!
  • Light voice: Oh, look at him! So majestic! So graceful! I think I'm in love!
  • Shadow voice: Hey idiot, if you can hear us, we need to get past this dog!
  • Gregorovic: Helwyr! Helly-Helly-Helweird! Do you want to know what your son tastes like? Actually, do you want him to tell you himself? Let me just find him. He's in here somewhere... Papa? Papa is that you? I was delicious, papa. So, so tasty.
  • Gregorovic: Can't catch me, I'm the injured dead man!
  • Screen fades black and Gregorovic, Helwyr and his army disappear
  • Azzanadra: A fortunate coincidence.
  • Player: I'm not sure it was a coincidence...
  • Azzanadra: You are right. With enemies as chaotic as ours, such openings are bound to occur. Where next?
  • Ariane: Right here. The floor. This central slab.
  • Azzanadra: A secret door? How quaint.
  • Ariane: No, not secret exactly. Just very carefully made.
  • Player: How do we open it?
  • Ariane: It's supposed to open for TokHaar, but I have a feeling that a lava rune might do the- Ah, there we go. After you.

Entering the secret door[edit | edit source]

Talking to either Ariane or Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: By Saint Elora, there they are!
  • Azzanadra: We must ascertain their status, and quickly.
  • Ariane: Do you have somewhere else you need to be?
  • Azzanadra: Another pressing matter demands my attention, yes, but first we must check on each of the eggs.

Talking to Azzanadra before observing the eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: We should hurry.

Talking to Ariane before observing the eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: We should hurry up and investigate these eggs.

Observing the first egg[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: Their appearance matches the broken shells we found on Freneskae.
  • Player: I don't think there's any doubt that these are the eggs of the elder gods.
  • Ariane: Can we do anything with them? Destroy them?
  • Azzanadra: Not with anything we have with us. The inside of these spheres is a thick soup of anima, more concentrated than anything I've ever felt before. The divine flesh of false gods such as Zamorak is so resilient that only a handful of things in this universe can damage them. It feels like... we should check another.

Observing the second egg[edit | edit source]

  • Azzanadra: It is the same with this one as the last.
  • Player: What is?
  • Azzanadra: They are not completely asleep, or perhaps they sleep fitfully.
  • Ariane: We do not know about these things. Maybe that's normal.
  • Player: Seren told me she could sense them from afar. She said they'd become disturbed recently, as a result of Kerapac trying to poison them with his device.
  • Ariane: Can you detect any trace of the shadow anima Kerapac was producing?
  • Azzanadra: ... No, although the quantity would be trace at best, and this is not my area of expertise.
  • Shadow voice: You're not wrong there!
  • Player: Quiet!
  • Azzanadra: Excuse me?
  • Player: Uh, I said it's quiet in here.
  • Azzanadra: Aurally yes, although the magical vibrations of these eggs are verging on painful to my senses. Let us check the last egg before we leave.

Observing the third and last egg[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: This one's the same. Seemingly healthy.
  • Azzanadra: And slightly disturbed, indeed.
  • Ariane: Did Seren tell you anything else?
  • Player: She said another huge release of shadow anima would probably cause them to start hatching.
  • Ariane: What could cause that?
  • Player: That we know of, only Kerapac's device.
  • Ariane: And Ful destroyed it?
  • Player: Yes. Does it look like they're going to hatch naturally any time soon?
  • Azzanadra: I cannot say for sure, but comparing this scene with what we witnessed on Freneskae, I would say not. The concentration of anima within, although incredibly high, is not overflowing in the same way we saw in the vision.
  • Ariane: What about something artificially increasing the concentration of anima nearby? Could that increase the concentration high enough for them to start hatching?
  • Azzanadra: This is all speculation. Based on what we've seen, perhaps.
  • Ariane: What could do that?
  • Azzanadra: The death of a god or the destruction of an elder artefact would release a blast of energy.
  • Player: So we should avoid killing any gods in this chamber?
  • Azzanadra: That would be my recommendation.
  • Player: So what do we do now?
  • Azzanadra: For now, nothing. As I said, other matters demand my attention.
  • Ariane: That's it?
  • Azzanadra: The eggs are here, and they are secure. You may remain here and study them if you wish, though we should probably avoid making their location known. Zamorak or Saradomin would surely try to steal the power for themselves.
  • Player: We still haven't done anything to avert the threat.
  • Azzanadra: Knowledge is power, is it not? We know more than we did before. Regardless, I have spent enough time here. I must report to my lord.
  • Azzanadra teleports away
  • Ariane: That was abrupt.
  • Player: Yeah... I thought he'd have a plan to actually stop them from hatching.
  • Ariane: Well, I'm going to stay around here and study them. Perhaps I can figure something out.
  • Light Voice: All's well that ends well. In fact, I'd go so far as to say... QUEST COMPLETE!
  • Shadow Voice: Quest complete? Really? If you can stop patting yourself on the back for a second you might notice something important.
  • Light Voice: Stop trying to spoil it! I never get to say quest complete! You're just jealous!
  • Shadow Voice: Stop being a simpleton and pay attention.
  • Light Voice: To what?
  • Shadow Voice: Who found the eggs?
  • Light Voice: We all did! We worked as a team, powered by pure friendship!
  • Shadow Voice: Obviously. But who actually found the Elder Halls?
  • Light Voice: Well... Azzanadra and Ariane did.
  • Shadow Voice: Exactly. Bunny ears made a beeline for the finish line while we traipsed around one dead end after another.
  • Light Voice: I'd hardly call them dead ends! We learned all sorts of interesting things.
  • Shadow Voice: None of it relevant though.
  • Light Voice: Well, not directly relevant, no, not per se.
  • Shadow Voice: And the crown too. Why the plan with the crown?
  • Light Voice: The crown is a powerful artifact! It was a good lead!
  • Shadow Voice: Surely between them this crowd of ancient wizards would know that the crown wouldn't work.
  • Light Voice: They're not omniscient just because they're old. Look at you, you're practically senile!
  • Shadow Voice: Even if they didn't know, surely they'd realise that Saradomin wouldn't help us.
  • Light Voice: This is all circumstantial nonsense.
  • Shadow Voice: What about Trindine? Why was she even there?
  • Light Voice: Well, she was uh... commentating? Maybe she was there to provide comic relief?
  • Shadow Voice: We got her into all those difficult to enter places, but all she did was stand around while we found nothing.
  • Player: You're right. We need to check.
  • Ariane: I'm sorry, did you say something?
  • Player: I have a feeling that Trindine may not have been completely honest with me. I'm going to go and ask her about it.
  • Ariane: Alright, well, you let me know how it goes. I'm going to prioritise studying the eggs so we can save the world.
  • Shadow Voice: Back to Kharid-et. We deserve an explanation!

Talking to Ariane after observing all the eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I thought you said you were going to question Trindine?
  • Player: Yes, you're right. Time to go back to Kharid-et.

Closing the dialogue for any of the eggs before finishing it completely, before having observed all of them atleast once[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We should fully investigate this egg.

Observing an already observed egg before observing all eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We've already looked at this egg, I should take a look at the others.

Observing an egg after having observed all of them atleast once[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Wow. Even from here you can feel an immense power coming from the egg.

Searching for Trindine at Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

  • Continue Azzanadra's quest?
    • Yes.
    • No.

Walking near to the Praetorium war table[edit | edit source]

  • Player: There's no one here.
  • Shadow voice: Curses, she's evaded us again!
  • Light voice: Do you smell that?
  • Shadow voice: Smell what, your awful feet?
  • Light voice: Anima! And not just any anima. I think our friend Trindine is leaking.
  • Shadow voice: Leaking? Why would she be leaking.
  • Player: Azzanadra did say he supercharged her after her release to make up for missing so many rituals. Maybe we can find some of her memories. I don't see any wisps around, though.
  • Shadow voice: You idiot, they're deep in the shadow realm.
  • Player: Oh. How do we get there?
  • Shadow voice: *sigh* Just go stand near one of those big pylons. That will fill you up with something horrible. Then all you have to do is go and stand near the shadow anchors. Hit enough of them and it should work.

Charging at a pylon[edit | edit source]

  • You feel a surge of something horrible course through your soul.
  • Light Voice: Ooh, I don't like it. What was that?
  • Shadow voice: Delicious, delicious dark anima. Right, let's go charge up four shadow anchors.
  • Light Voice: Let's just get the four easiest ones. I feel like we're in a hurry.

Activating a shadow anchors[edit | edit source]

  • The energy you carry activates the anchor.
  • First anchor
    • Light Voice: Three more.
  • Second anchor
    • Light Voice: Two more.
  • Third anchor
    • Light Voice: Once more.
  • Final anchor
    • Shadow Voice: Oh finally, that feels so much better.
    • The area slowly turns purple as it enters the shadow realm. Trindine wisps appear nearby
    • Light Voice: Let's just find the memories quickly. Do you see any Trindine wisps?
    • Player: I think I see some over there.

Harvesting enough Trindine memories[edit | edit source]

  • Light Voice: Ooh, that's plenty. Try the blank observation now!

Using the Trindine memories on the blank observation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Maybe that's enough? What does it say?
  • Shadow voice: Ugh! I hate Mahjarrat memories!
  • Light voice: Can anyone read them?
  • Shadow voice: You can, imbecile.
  • Light voice: Oh that's right! Okay, press the thingie against your forehead and let's see what's in there.
  • Trindine: This has got to be the longest con in history. A five thousand year undercover operation. And still undetected. I'm not sure if that counts as colossal success or colossal failure. I just need to figure out what his code phrase is so he'll recognise my authority. I have to say, as much as Sucellus was a gluttonous dolt, it was ambitious to plan a heist like this. It almost seems like something Sliske would try to pull off.
  • Player: She was trying to steal something?
  • Shadow voice: It sounds more like someone else was planning to steal something, and she's trying to find them.
  • Player: Steal what, though?
  • Shadow voice: I suppose we have to backtrack to all the places we've already been.
  • Light voice: For the record I don't support this enabling behaviour. But the places we visited with Trindine were the Wizard's Tower, the Hall of Memories and TzHaar City.
  • Shadow voice: Then we'll see how right I am.

Returning to the Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Valina: You! You were here earlier today!
  • Player: Yes?
  • Wizard Valina: How could you show your face here! Where is it?
  • Player: Wait, what? Where is what?
  • Wizard Valina: The book you stole!
  • Player: Hold on, slow down. What book?
  • Wizard Valina: 'The Cartalian Heresy'! It's missing, and your companion was in that section of the library earlier!
  • Player: Trindine stole a book?
  • Wizard Valina: Don't act innocent!
  • Player: I'm sorry. I think she may have been deceiving me. What was the book about?
  • Wizard Valina: Ah! Well it just so happens that I'm a bit of an expert in that field. 'The Cartelian Heresy' is a research volume that investigates a story about Saradomin dating to the Third Age. As is well known, Saradomin was a human before he discovered a powerful magical artefact, the Crown of Saradomin, which turned him into a god. Supposedly, during the Third Age he mislaid his crown temporarily in the province of Cartalia, and lost most of his power, before he was able to reclaim both. Most records of this event have been lost - some say intentionally destroyed - but 'The Cartelian Heresy' pieces together the scant documentary evidence that remains.
  • Player: So you're saying that if Saradomin is separated from his crown, he loses his power?
  • Wizard Valina: Oh no no, I very much doubt it. But that's what some people seem to have seem to have believed in the distant past.
  • Player: Interesting.
  • Wizard Valina: You're just trying to distract me by flattering my expertise. What about my book?
  • Player: I will try to return the book if I can. Right now I have the feeling something terrible is going to happen.
  • Light voice: Maybe Trindine is just a keen student of history.
  • If Hall of Memories and TzHaar city haven't been visited yet
    • Shadow voice: You're so naive. We still need to check TzHaar City and the Hall of Memories.
  • If Hall of Memories hasn't been visited yet
    • Missing dialogue
  • If TzHaar city hasn't been visited yet
    • Missing dialogue
  • If all locations have been visited
    • Missing dialogue

Returning to the Hall of Memories[edit | edit source]

  • Continue Azzanadra's quest?
    • Yes.
      • Screen fades out
      • (Continues below)
    • No - Enter the Hall of Memories as normal.
      • Player enters the Hall of Memories as normal

Talking to the Archivist[edit | edit source]

  • The Archivist: ERROR! Unauthorised access!
  • Player: What?
  • The Archivist: A memory has been accessed by an unauthorised user.
  • Player: Which memory? Which user?
  • The Archivist: A memory labelled 'The Elder Crown' was accessed by unauthorised, non-intruder Trindine.
  • Player: What was in that memory?
  • The Archivist: Memory error: memory contents erased.
  • Player: Thank you, Archivist.
  • If the Wizards' Tower and TzHaar city haven't been visited yet
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
  • If Wizard's Tower hasn't been visited yet
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
  • If TzHaar city hasn't been visited yet
    • Light voice: This just seems like a string of unlikely coincidences. La-la-la!
    • Shadow voice: Trindine is clearly researching Saradomin's crown and you think it's just a coincidence?
    • Light voice: Yes!
    • Shadow voice: :[sic]
    • Shadow voice: We still need to check TzHaar City.
  • If all locations have been visited
    • Shadow voice: There, you see? I told you.
    • Light voice: Fine! I admit it! It's a miracle. You were right.
    • Player: What do we do now?
    • Shadow voice: Oh, I don't care. I just wanted him to admit I was right.
    • Light voice: Maybe we should stop them?
    • Player: Let's talk to Ariane. Maybe she can help figure out exactly what Trindine is planning.
    • Shadow voice: She's still probably wasting her time at the Elder Halls.

Talking to the Archivist again[edit | edit source]

  • Light voice: We've already have what we need here. We should look for clues elsewhere.
  • Shadow voice: You don't say.
  • If the Wizards' Tower and TzHaar city haven't been visited yet
    • Missing dialogue
  • If Wizard's Tower hasn't been visited yet
    • Missing dialogue
  • If TzHaar city hasn't been visited yet
    • Light voice: We still need to check TzHaar City.
  • If all locations have been visited
    • Player: Let's talk to Ariane. Maybe she can help figure out exactly what Trindine is planning.
    • Shadow Voice: She's probably still wasting her time at the Elder Halls.

Returning to TzHaar City[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ga'al[edit | edit source]

  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: You come back!
  • Player: When I was here earlier, was Trindine asking about anything other than the eggs of the masters?
  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: Yes! Trindine ask many questions of TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot and others.
  • Player: Questions about what?
  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: Questions about tools of the masters. Interested in Kiln, Catalyst, other tools.
  • Player: Was there anything in particular she wanted to know?
  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: Yes! Especially talk about Locator. How to use. How to handle safely.
  • Player: What's the Locator?
  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: Tool of the masters. Used to locate other tools. Very handy to have.
  • Light voice: Isn't that what Saradomin's crown does?
  • Shadow voice: You don't say.
  • Player: Thanks Ga'al.
  • TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot: Thanks, human!
  • If the Wizards' Tower and the Hall of Memories haven't been visited yet:
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
  • If Wizard's Tower hasn't been visited yet
    • (Transcript missing. edit)
  • If the Hall of Memories hasn't been visited yet:
    • Screen fades black and Ga'al disappears
    • Light Voice: This just seems like a string of unlikely coincidences. La-la-la!
    • Shadow Voice: Trindine is clearly researching Saradomin's crown and you think it's just a coincidence?
    • Light Voice: Yes!
    • Shadow Voice: : [sic]
    • Shadow Voice: We still need to check the Hall of Memories.
  • If all locations have been visited:
    • Screen fades black and Ga'al disappears
    • Shadow voice: There, you see? I told you.
    • Light voice: Fine! I admit it! It's a miracle. You were right.
    • Player: What do we do now?
    • Shadow voice: Oh, I don't care. I just wanted him to admit I was right.
    • Light voice: Maybe we should stop them?
    • Player: Let's talk to Ariane. Maybe she can help figure out exactly what Trindine is planning.
    • Shadow voice: She's still probably wasting her time at the Elder Halls.

Return to the Elder Halls under The Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Continue Azzanadra's quest?
    • Yes.
      • Screen fades out
      • (Continues below)
    • No - Enter the Heart of Gielinor as normal.
      • Player enters the Heart of Gielinor as normal

Talking to Ariane[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: Oh, Player. You know these eggs are fascinating. I knew they were powerful but... Each egg is like a million- no, a trillion runestones, just compressed down into a tiny space. You could power... well, you could power anything.
  • Player: That's fascinating, but I think we may have a problem. Trindine was researching Saradomin's crown.
  • Ariane: What?
  • Player: I don't know why, but at all the locations we visited together, while I was researching the eggs, she was researching the crown.
  • Ariane: Why?
  • Player: I think they might be trying to steal it.
  • Ariane: But we already found the eggs.
  • Player: I know so what's going on? If it was something helpful, why wouldn't they just tell us?
  • Ariane: Do you have anything of hers? Something personal?
  • Player: Why?
  • Ariane: Well, I'm a seer. If I have something of hers, maybe I can spy on her.
  • Player: No I don't think I do.
  • Shadow Voice: Hey dummy. You literally have a magic battery full of her memory. Can't get more personal than that!
  • Player: Oh, yeah, of course. What about this? I absorbed some of her shed anima in Kharid-et.
  • Ariane: Anima containing her memories? Yes, that could work.
  • You show the device to Ariane.
  • Ariane: Let me see... oh, wow! This is going to be intense. Hold my hand.

Ariane's vision of Sir Owen[edit | edit source]

  • Screen fades in with Sir Owen and Sir Upticious standing next to a large round table in some basement
  • Sir Owen: Hello? Is anyone there?
  • ???: Who goes there?
  • Camera angle changes to pan directly over the table pointing at Sir Owen
  • Sir Owen: We seek Sir Lance of the Temple Knights.
  • ???: Unwisely you have sought me out! None may uncover this place... and live!
  • Camera angle changes to pan from the right behind Sir Owen
  • Sir Owen: But we're Temple Knights!
  • ???: Oh, jolly good. That's fine then.
  • Sir Vey Lance appears across the table from Sir Owen
  • Sir Vey Lance: Ah, Sir Sonde! It is indeed a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I am Sir Vey Lance, director of operations. Welcome to my headquarters. What in the bloody hell can I do for you, what?
  • Sir Owen: I want to know why-
  • Sir Upticious: One moment, Owie.
  • Sir Upticious transforms back into Trindine
  • Trindine: Omnes una manet nox, Grand Master Veilinius.
  • Sir Vey Lance: ... Praetor Trindine! Oh, thank the Empty Lord. Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting?
  • Trindine: About five thousand years, apparently.
  • Camera zooms out and pans back towards the table
  • Sir Vey Lance: Hold on, let me get out of this costume.
  • Sir Vey Lance vanishes and is replaced with a huge Chthonian demon Veilinius
  • Veilinius: Ooh, that feels so much better. Those things do chafe. I knew going in the operation was deep cover but I have to say I didn't expect it to be quite this bloody deep! Five thousand years! Five thousand blinking years! It's, why, it's absolutely... it's absolutely ridiculous!
  • Trindine: Yeah, sorry. I think your handler died about four thousand, nine hundred years ago.
  • Veilinius: I've been running a secret organisation since the Third Age! I infiltrated all of the factions. I waited for orders. Nothing. I avenged our nation by aiding in the ultimate defeat of Zamorak. Still nothing.
  • Sir Owen: Excuse-
  • Veilinius: I oversaw the complete reconstruction of human civilisation. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a word. Not a peep!
  • Sir Owen: Excuse me-
  • Veilinius: Eventually I, I have to say I did get bored. I had to find some way of whiling away the centuries, didn't I? I started embedding puns into Asgarnian lineages. That took absolutely forever!
  • Sir Owen: I'm sorry, what?
  • Veilinius: I mean 'Sir Amik Varze'? You have to respect the artistry. But still not a single word. What an unimaginable cock-up! Where in Erebus have you been for all of history?
  • Trindine: Well, while you've been here living a life of luxury, I was trapped in the deep Shadow Realm under Kharid-et.
  • Veilinius: ...
  • Camera pans slowly away from Veilinius
  • Veilinius: Okay, I'll admit it, that's worse. At least I could get olives delivered. Er, about those orders though. Do you have anything for me?
  • Sir Owen: Excuse me?
  • Veilinius: Yes, Sir Sonde? What is it?
  • Sir Owen: WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  • Veilinius: Well, it's the power behind the throne, isn't it? You know that feeling you've always had.
  • Sir Owen: What feeling?
  • Veilinius: That feeling that things aren't what they seem. The feeling that someone else is in control. The feeling that someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes.
  • Sir Owen: Yes...
  • Veilinius: Er, well, that was me. Bit of a wheeze, eh?
  • Sir Owen: I don't... I can't... this is madness!
  • Veilinius: Alright, alright, I can see you're finding this challenging. Let's see if I can explain it in simpler terms. Let's cast our minds back to about five thousand years in the past. One happens to find oneself in command of the Order of the Temple of Zaros, but things aren't going so well for our chaps. The Empty Lord is long gone. The Pontifex Maximus is missing in action. The Praetorian Prefect has buggered off to Lord-knows-where. Even your friend here never returned from Kharid-et. We've lost control of Senntisten to Zamorak. Bleeding savages are running rampant all over the empire. The whole place is in an absolute bloody shambles. So grand old Duke Sucellus, who's running the whole show now there's no one else left, comes up with a plan, mm, and quite the plan it was. Saradomin is doing about the best and old Sucellus reckons it's on account of his crown. So he comes to me and he tells me to take the entire order of knights on a deep cover operation. Reckons if we can pinch the crown that'll put the Zarosians back on top again. I mean it seems like a rather large demand to me, but never let it be said that I'm not one to rise to the challenge. So our part of the plan, of course, goes off without a hitch. Absolutely smashing job. Obviously Saradomin is suspicious at first, but Zarosians are converting all over the empire and after we take out the Angel of Death our loyalty and usefulness are beyond question. Only problem is, Sucellus gets nobbled long before he has a chance to actually pull off the heist. Now here I am, stuck with my pseudopodia swinging in the wind with no orders and no direction. Saradomin doesn't take long conquering the whole continent, and my last orders were to help where I can, so that's what I do. Got to get orders from somewhere, what? Had a few close calls here and there. A few chaps needed to be put out of the picture, and the less said about King Vallance the better. Anyway long story short, I'm still here and hoping my orders have finally arrived. Sometimes I think I'd have been better off in the abyss with the others than stuck here this whole time.
  • Camera pans slowly around again
  • Sir Owen: This is unbelievable! I'll expose you! I'll tell everyone!
  • Trindine: Will you though?
  • Sir Owen: What do you mean?
  • Trindine: Well, you've seen behind blue boy's curtains, haven't you? Maybe even more so than Veilinius here. I mean, he claims the authority of a god, but he isn't a god, is he? He's just a man. And a fallible one at that.
  • Sir Owen: Yes.
  • Veilinius: Speaking purely for myself, I don't put much stock in faith. I'm more of an orders sort of chap. Just wind me up and point me in the right direction, that's good enough for me. You strike me as more of a man of principle.
  • Sir Owen: I am. I have always sought to do what is right.
  • Trindine: The choice seems obvious to me.
  • Sir Owen: What choice?
  • Trindine: You can continue to serve at the whim of a jumped-up warlord, or you can join us and actually accomplish something with your life.
  • Sir Owen: You mean serve Zaros?
  • Veilinius: You already pledged your allegiance to the Temple Knights, dear boy. This is just the next logical extension of that. Sometimes doing what's right isn't the same thing as doing what Saradomin commands you to do. Isn't that the very reason you joined in the first place?
  • Sir Owen: This is... but I... ... No. I will not. Do you even know what Zaros is planning?
  • Veilinius: He doesn't answer to the likes of us, Sir Sonde. If we needed to know, I'm sure he'd tell us.
  • Sir Owen: Then how can you know what you're doing is right? Yes, Saradomin has made mistakes. I'm sure he will again. He doesn't need the moral authority of a god to be a leader who wants what is best for his people. He doesn't need to be right all the time to be right. And when the alternative is an ancient, manipulative deceiver... I know where my loyalties lie. And seeing this, seeing you two, I'm more convinced than ever.
  • Veilinius: Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that.
  • Sir Owen: I will stop you if I have to!
  • Veilinius: I rather think you won't.
  • Trindine turns and strikes Sir Owen, and he collapses to the floor
  • Veilinius: Is he dead?
  • Camera pans around the table abobe Sir Owen facing the demon
  • Trindine: No, just unconscious. We can tie him up here.
  • Veilinius: Are you going soft, Praetor?
  • Trindine: Well, he grows on you. And is it really necessary to murder everyone?
  • Veilinius: I suppose not. So, orders?
  • Trindine: Two things actually. The boss wants his knights back, plus we still need to steal the crown.
  • Veilinius: Oh, you want to actually finish the original plan?
  • Trindine: That's the idea.
  • Veilinius: Well, the Temple Knights are good and ready. Most of them, anyway. Chaps who've completed their final initiation already know that we serve another, and they're good and ready for the true master to be revealed. Owen here never made it that far, of course, and I have my doubts about Sir Tiffy, but the rest should be in smashing shape. What we really need though is a sniff of the old loyalty aura to reassure them. I assume we can't expect a visit from the top?
  • Trindine: Unlikely. He's delegated this task to us.
  • Veilinius: As expected, that is rather his MO. Well, I do have a backup plan. The easiest way I can see is to recover an artefact known as the Frostenhorn, which-
  • Trindine: Ah, yeah we already have that. Pontymax thought we might need it.
  • Veilinius: Ah, absolutely splendid! I must say it's nice to be working with professionals again. When the moment comes, I'll give a peep on the old horn, broadcast the after effects on me, then zing-zang-zoop and Bob's your uncle. As for stealing the crown, the plan is a little out of date but as luck would have it recent events could be to our advantage. You see Saradomin is feeling somewhat guilty about abandoning his followers here on Gielinor so soon after returning. I happen to have dug up a ceremony of sorts which should fit the bill nicely, while giving us the opening we need.
  • Trindine: Tell me more...
  • Cutscene ends
  • Light voice: A secret plot! Intrigue! Betrayal!
  • Shadow voice: So much for the World Guardian. More like... Stooge Guardian.
  • Ariane: They've captured Owen. And they're planning to steal Saradomin's crown! We have to get to Falador immediately.
  • Select an option
    • Whatever they're planning, it can't be good.
      • Player: Whatever they're planning, it can't be good.
    • I'm not sure who I trust less.
      • Player: I'm not sure who I trust less.
    • They deserve a chance to explain at least.
      • Ariane: Apparently they don't trust you, or they would have included you in their plans.

Speaking with Ariane again after the entire dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: We have to get to Falador immediately.

Return to Falador[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ariane at the entrance to the courtyard[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: Hurry, they're about to begin.
  • Cutscene begins. Camera pans over many knights in the castle courtyard, eventually resting on Sir Amik Varze
  • Sir Amik Varze: Noble Knights of Falador. Wise Knights of the Temple. We are graced today once again by our Lord of Lords, our King of Kings, our God of Gods. Please, join me in supplication as we welcome the Polemarchos Autokrator, the Lord of Light, Saradomin!
  • Saradomin appears, and the camera pans back over the knights towards the rear of the courtyard
  • Saradomin: Most faithful, we thank you sincerely for attending. Since our return to Gielinor, your faith and loyalty have never wavered.
  • Saradomin walks several steps down the center of he two columns of knights.
  • Saradomin: We have been away too long these last few years, preoccupied with other matters, and we have not lavished you with the attention your devotion has merited.
  • Saradomin walks several steps more
  • Saradomin: Let us commemorate our renewed bond with a most ancient and sacred sacrament.
  • Saradomin walks several steps more
  • Saradomin: One that has gone unperformed on this world for millennia: the Accord of the Optimatoi.
  • Saradomin walks several steps more
  • Saradomin: In ages long past, when our wise rule first expanded onto Gielinor, we were served by noble and heroic soldiers who fought ferociously to prove their valour and their loyalty.
  • The knights all turn as one to face Saradomin
  • Saradomin: We named such soldiers optimatoi, and they were inducted into a knightly order of the same name. We do not offer that, for it would be meagre honour compared to the name you have made for yourself, keeping Gielinor safe these long years. Instead we offer you the ritual performed in their name, which symbolises the trust and faith we place in those who place their trust and faith in us. Many times during the god wars we performed this ritual as more and more organisations fell to our side. We personally converted Grand Master Veilinious, who served a dark lord, to our cause. He founded the Knights of the Temple, who in turn founded the Knights of Falador during my absence to serve in my stead. We used the Accord of the Optimatoi to welcome the Knights of the Temple into our fold when they had proved themselves beyond all question. We welcome each of you to now participate in the very same ritual.
  • Camera pans to Ariane and the player, in the back of the courtyard
  • Ariane: What should we do? I've never been a Saradominist, but can we really let the Zarosians finish whatever they're planning?
  • Select an option
    • Interrupt the ritual and warn Saradomin about the Zarosian plot.
      • Player: Wait!
      • Sir Amik Varze: What is the meaning of this interruption?
      • Saradomin: World Guardian. You are welcome here, but your conduct is an affront to the knights we are here to honour.
      • Player: Zarosians are here, they're planning something during the ceremony!
      • Saradomin: We would be aware of any infiltration. My knights are alert to any threat.
      • Player: Sir Vey Lance is secretly a demon! He's going to turn the Temple Knights against you!
      • Saradomin: Sir Lance is one of my most loyal servants. He would never-
      • Sir Upticious: We've been rumbled. Blow the damn horn!
      • A discordant horn note blares across the courtyard.
      • Eva Cashien: I see the truth! Praise the true master!
      • Azzanadra teleports into the courtyard
      • Azzanadra: What? He still has the crown?
      • Sir Upticious: We've been betrayed!
      • Saradomin: Azzanadra. Of course. How typical of your arrogance to think you can stand against a god.
      • (Continues below)
    • Let the ritual continue.
      • Player: Let things play out for now.
      • Ariane: If you're sure. I'll follow your lead.
      • Camera pans back to Saradomin, as he continues his speech
      • Saradomin: We perform this act not in our own name, but in that of all of the faithful who have lived, fought and died over many thousands of years to preserve civilisation and our way of life. Upon our head sits the Crown of Saradomin, the source of our power and our right to rule. We now place the Crown down, and we invite each of you to place your hands upon it, that you might share in that same power and right.
      • Saradomin takes off the crown.
      • Sir Upticious: The crown is vulnerable! Blow the horn!
      • Camera turns to face the back
      • A discordant horn note blares across the courtyard.
      • Eva Cashien: I see the truth! Praise the true master!
      • Several of the knights in the back begin attacking the knights in front of them
      • Azzanadra teleports into the courtyard
      • The crown is snatched and passed to Azzanadra.
      • Long pause in dialogue
      • Saradomin: Stop this!
      • Azzanadra: You've lost, Saradomin. Without your crown, you are powerless against servants of the true Lord.
      • Saradomin: ... Is that what you think? Don't believe everything you read in books, empty priest. Your bubbles are powerless against me.
      • The crown disappears from Azzanadra's hands and returns to Saradomin's head.
      • (Continues below)
  • Saradomin: Is it your destiny to overcommit, only to be captured by my forces? Without your master's skirts to hide behind, you are no match for me, Mahjarrat. Surrender now, or we may be forced to devise more extreme measures than trapping you in a pyramid this time.
  • Azzanadra: My Lord has commanded me. I will die before I fail.
  • Sir Tiffy: Saradomin is the true god! Even the ancients cannot stand against him!
  • Eva Cashien: No, Saradomin is only a pretender!
  • Zaros teleports into the courtyard, all the knights stop fighting and turn to face him, as the camera pans to frame Zaros and Saradomin
  • Zaros: Saradomin.
  • Saradomin: Zaros. I'm surprised to see you here getting your hands dirty.
  • Eva Cashien: Of course, Zaros is the true master! Praise Zaros!
  • Zaros: I live in hope that all things can be accomplished without my direct intervention. Thus far I remain disappointed.
  • Azzanadra: I apologise, Lord. Our intelligence was lacking.
  • Zaros: Think no more of it. Give me the crown, Saradomin.
  • Saradomin: What could possible compel me to do that?
  • Zaros: The crown is my birthright, young pretender. Until this point I have had no need for it. I allowed you to safeguard it for me, ensuring that I never lost track of its exact position. My plans now require the crown. Return it.
  • Saradomin: I see death has done nothing to your humble arrogance, Empty Lord. We stand in the ruins of your empire. My followers cover the world while your can be counted on one hand. You cannot take it.
  • Zaros: As always you credit yourself for the victories of others. It was not you that struck me down. If you will not give it to me, I will simply take it.
  • The crown vanishes, and reappears near Zaros.
  • Saradomin: What? How did you-
  • Zaros: You have called yourself a god for so long that you have forgotten that it is a lie. You are not a god. I am.
  • Eva Cashien: The Lord Zaros proves his supremacy!
  • Sir Tiffy: More like petty banditry! We will defy villainy to the end!
  • Zaros: I advise you not to seek retribution against my followers for simply taking back what belongs to me. I represent no threat to your dominance of Gielinor. As far as I am concerned, you may keep it. There is no benefit to you in vengeance, only costly losses. Azzanadra. We are leaving. We shall bring the faithful.
  • Azzanadra: Of course, my Lord.
  • Zaros' followers teleport away
  • [Various knights]: *gasp*
  • Camera pans to face Saradomin, with Sir Amik Zarze in the background
  • Sir Amik Varze: We cannot stand for this treachery! Holy of Holies, give the order and we will hunt them down. Traitors and ancient horrors cannot stand against our faith and steel!
  • Saradomin: ...
  • The knights turn once more to face Saradomin
  • Saradomin: Faith and steel, Amik? The castle has been breached! Half of my knights have been stolen, along with my most sacred possession! There must be CONSEQUENCES for failure of this magnitude!
  • Camera moves to above Sir Amik Varze, who kneels for a moment then stands back up.
  • Sir Amik Varze: My liege, I take full responsibility for this grave lapse in your safekeeping. I will resign from the order. If that proves insufficient, you may have my life, if you wish it.
  • The camera pans to Saradomin
  • Saradomin: ... No, Amik. I am sorry. This is a path I have walked many times before. This failure is mine to bear, not yours. It was mine to foresee. Make no mistake, this is a stain on the honour of the White Knights. Those who abandoned us are traitors, deserters and spies. But you who remain should be hailed as paragons of honour and loyalty. We have suffered an indignity, but let no one here but me suffer the shame of it.
  • Sir Amik Varze: You are most gracious, my liege. We are honoured by your patronage.
  • The camera pans to the player, and all the knights turn to face them
  • Saradomin: World Guardian! You have been uncharacteristically quiet. Step forward!
  • Player: Err, who, me?
  • Saradomin: You are known to be close to many of the servant of Zaros. Did you have a hand in this?
    • I tried to stop them.
      • (Continues below)
    • They deceived me as well.
      • (Continues below)
  • Saradomin: I see.
  • Player: I, uh, I think it's safe to say I couldn't have stopped Zaros if I tried.
  • Saradomin: ... Then go in peace. If you see your 'friends', tell them- ... Tell them I will protect Gielinor. Zaros has no love for its people.
  • Sir Tiffy: Praise Saradomin!
  • Saradomin: There must be a way to stop him. It is time that Seren takes responsibility for her family's sins...
  • Player: Uh... what now?
  • Light Voice I bet the Zarosians went back to Kharid-et. Let's go crash their afterparty!
  • Cutscene ends

Reconvening at Kharid-et with Zaros and his followers[edit | edit source]

  • Zaros: The necessity of my intervention not withstanding, our goals have been accomplished to my satisfaction. The design nears completion. We will reconvene near the capital ruins and claim the Monolith. I have one final preparation to make. We cannot move yet. By the time I am ready, Seren will be expecting us. Prepare yourselves for war.
  • Azzanadra: Yes, my Lord. What of the eggs?
  • Zaros: You are concerned about them hatching?
  • Azzanadra: Yes, Lord. They will destroy Gielinor.
  • Zaros: They are stable for now. Concern yourself with my instructions.
  • Azzanadra: Yes, my Lord.
  • Zaros teleports away
  • Player: I see the whole gang is here.
  • Azzanadra: Player. I am grateful for your assistance in this matter.
  • Trindine: Good to see you again.
  • Select an option
    • You manipulated me!
      • Azzanadra: My apologies, Player, but I have never been less than honest with my priorities. I did as my Lord commanded me to the best of my abilities. Perhaps you seek revenge. This is not the time to find it.
    • One of these days I'm definitely going to see this coming.
      • Trindine: Somehow I doubt that.
    • You could have told me. I would have helped.
      • Azzanadra: My Lord's judgement told me otherwise. You have been of great use to us, but he does not trust your allegiances. You owe too much to the memory of Guthix, and to Gielinor, and to the many masters you have served, to be beyond question.
  • Azzanadra: I'm sure you have many questions. We have much to attend to, however. Since we first met I have valued not only your practical use, but also your companionship. But you have your responsibilities and I have mine. I will see you at the Monolith. When next we meet, it will be as enemies.
  • Player: Wait, what?
  • The screen fades out, and all of the followers except Trindine and Ariane are gone
  • Trindine: I returned that book, by the way. I don't want anyone thinking I'm irresponsible.
  • Player: What about Sir Owen?
  • Trindine: Oh, I forgot about him. I'll go let him out now. Toodles!
  • Trindine teleports out
  • Player: You didn't go with them?
  • Ariane: No. I can see where Azzanadra is coming from, but I'm not interested in serving at the whim of some dark lord. I don't need a superior being to give my life meaning. I create my own meaning.
  • Player: What are you going to do now?
  • Ariane: Despite what Zaros said, I don't believe the threat is gone. There must be some researchers I can work with. Maybe I'll quietly contact Reldo..
  • Player: Yes I worked with 'Reldo' recently. He can be trusted.
  • Ariane: We should stay away from the elder halls for now. The Zarosians don't seem interested, and we don't want to attract unnecessary attention.
  • Player: If you do go back, try not to disturb the eggs.
  • Ariane: Of course. I'd hate to be responsible for the end of the world.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Azzanadra's Quest' - Complete this Experienced quest.
  • Quest complete!
  • Kharid-et returns to normal