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The blank observation is an item obtained by talking to Azzanadra about his mission after completion of the Heart of Stone, The Temple at Senntisten, and Fate of the Gods.

The first time players ask Azzanadra about his mission, this item will not be obtained, and he will state that he plans to visit JasKra. A few minutes later, the dialogue will have changed and he says that he has visited JasKra and has obtained the observation while there, and will then give it to the player, telling them to keep it safe. If lost, it can be re-obtained from Azzanadra, Ariane (at the Kharid-et Dig Site), or at May's Quest Caravan after putting 150 quest points into the Hub Track. If the player has made the pontifex observation ring already they will receive that back instead.

The item is used in Azzanadra's Quest. If the player has not obtained the blank observation from Heart of Stone then they will be given it by Azzanadra during the quest. Afterwards, it can be used to restore the pontifex observation ring, being used up in the process.

If the player has previously completed Azzanadra's Quest before Heart of Stone, the blank observation can be obtained from Azzanadra in Burthorpe.

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