The Archivist

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"The Archivist" redirects here. For the title or achievement, see The Archivist (achievement) or The Archivist (title).
The Archivist chathead.png

The Archivist is a badly damaged automaton found in the Hall of Memories. It mistakes the player as a fellow automaton, due to being in a state of disrepair. Upon first entry, the Archivist will give the player a memory-storage bot as well as a full and empty jar, and instruct players on how to use them. The Archivist can be given completed bots to recollect Guthix's core memories.

The Archivist announces to all players within the dungeon when a Guthixian cache is active. Players may teleport to the cache via the Archivist.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]