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Cartalia is a province from the Third Age. It was first mentioned in Azzanadra's Quest.

The research volume titled The Cartalian Heresy investigates a story about Saradomin temporarily losing the Elder Crown in Cartalia during the Third Age, and supposedly losing most of his power, until he managed to reclaim both the Crown and his power.[1] Wizard Valina doubts the veracity of the claim that Saradomin lost most of his power by being separated from the Elder Crown.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Wizard Valina, "Azzanadra's Quest", RuneScape. "'The Cartalian Heresy' is a research volume that investigates a story about Saradomin dating to the Third Age. As is well known, Saradomin was a human before he discovered a powerful magical artefact, the Crown of Saradomin, which turned him into a god. Supposedly, during the Third Age he mislaid his crown temporarily in the province of Cartalia, and lost most of his power, before he was able to reclaim both. Most records of this event have been lost - some say intentionally destroyed - but 'The Cartalian Heresy' pieces together the scant documentary evidence that remains."
  2. ^ Wizard Valina, "Azzanadra's Quest", RuneScape.
    • Player: So you're saying that if Saradomin is separated from his crown, he loses his power?
    • Wizard Valina: Oh no no, I very much doubt it. But that's what some people seem to have seem to have believed in the distant past.