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Ingression fragments can be obtained by killing monsters in Heart of Gielinor. A player can use ingression fragments to summon reinforcements for a faction of their choice, granting reputation for that faction. These reinforcements cannot be summoned in the entrance area (because the four factions made a truce on that location) and in the generals' chambers. In addition, players cannot summon reinforcements if there are too many champions (of any faction) nearby.

A small summoning requires 100 ingression fragments and grants the player with 5 reputation. Players can summon a "stronger" follower of that faction, such as Black Knight champions and Champions of Infernus for the Zamorakians, fallen champions for the Sliskean faction, blood reavers for the Zarosian faction and automatons for the Serenist faction.

A large summoning requires 250 ingression fragments and grants the player with 15 reputation. Players can only perform large summonings for a faction after unlocking this ability by gaining 250 reputation with that faction. Players can summon butcher demons for the Zamorakian faction, shadow demons for the Sliskean faction, Mighty Blood reavers for the Zarosian faction and automaton champions for the Serenist faction.

Players cannot obtain any drops (excluding the fragments themselves) and will not obtain any killcount from reinforcements they have summoned themselves.

The insignias obtained from each faction at 500 reputation, such as the Sliske insignia, can be used to auto-pickup ingression fragments.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 26 November 2018 (Update):
    • Fixed a typo with ingression fragments from God Wars Dungeon 2 when used outside the heart.