Shadow (Gregorovic)

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Shadows are summoned by Gregorovic. In normal mode, they are summoned at 140,000 life points and 60,000 life points in quantities of 2 and 3 respectively. While on the field, Gregorovic can swap places with these shadow copies. Gregorovic will swap places immediately as soon as the shadows appear, interrupting channelled abilities if they are far enough from him. They should be killed immediately to prevent Gregorovic from moving around the arena and getting surprise attacks, especially if they are next to the player. These shadows can be dealt with by luring them together and using an AoE ability like Corruption Shot due to their low health.

In challenge mode, they are summoned at the same health intervals just like in normal mode. However, Gregorovic will summon an additional shadow to assist him in battle.

A shadow wearing a santa hat at Christmas.

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