Ilujankan components

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"Ilujankan" redirects here. For the race, see Ilujanka.

Ilujankan components are rare materials used in the Invention skill. Level 89 Invention is required to discover them at an Inventor's workbench and use them in a gizmo; however, this level is not required to obtain them. The blueprints to research them are unlocked after earning 2,500 Zarosian reputation in the Heart of Gielinor.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Full list: Category:Items that disassemble into Ilujankan components
Calculator: Calculator:Disassembly by material/Ilujankan

Possible perks[edit | edit source]

PerkGizmosPerk ranks available with X materials
Standard GizmoAncient Gizmo
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