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Claus Mousetrap the catapult engineer is a craftsman hired by General Hining to repair the Tyras Camp catapult, which has rotted due to poor maintenance by the guard assigned to it.

He appears to be rather forgetful, accidentally destroying his material orders by washing them with his clothes[1] and he left his toolbox on the ship which brought him to the camp.[2] This lack of preparedness managed to annoy both General Hining, who considers him incompetent,[3] and Commander Measures, the chief engineer and his superior.[4] He also has little experience with his job and underestimated the job he'd been assigned.[5]

Hining, desperate to get the catapult fixed, asked a passing adventurer to help the engineer. While the adventurer was obtaining metal catapult parts, Hining dismissed the engineer, who left the region.

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