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The Engineer's letter is a letter given by General Hining during the Catapult Construction quest. Players must take this letter to the Catapult Engineer. They also need to read the letter later in the quest to discover which items they need to repair the catapult. If the "Read" option is selected before talking to the Catapult Engineer, the message The letter is secured with a large wax seal. You decide not to open it in case you get into deep trouble. is prompted.

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To: Engineer Claus Mousetrap

This morning I received a complaint about your inability to repair the Camp Tyras catapult, arriving without the tools and materials required. To avoid further delay, I'll repeat your instructions:

*The replacement must be made from MAHOGANY planks and at least MITHRIL nails.

*You will need METAL PARTS, which have been ordered from Roland, the dwarf scholar.
The pride of the King's Engineers is at stake, Claus.


Chief Engineer, Commander Measures

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