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Tramps are poor, penniless humans who inhabit most of the major cities of Gielinor, such as Yanille, Seers' Village and in particular Varrock, which is a very impoverished city. Some of the tramps in RuneScape have set conversations, while some cannot be interacted with. Upon speaking to them, these tramps will ask the player for money, giving the player options to donate money to them (one coin) or to refuse, resulting in the tramps shouting phrases such as "I hate [player name]!" and "Don't ask [player name] for anything - he's/she's stingy!" This also happens when you don't have any money and tell them. Varrock is also home to Charlie the Tramp, a quest NPC who begins the Shield of Arrav quest by informing the player of the Black Arm Gang. He also asks the player for money, though does not shout anything out when a player refuses to give him money.

Some tramps are mentioned briefly in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador, noted as living in The Dens. One particularly annoying and clingy tramp, called Beggar Woman in the book, follows the werewolf Jerrod for some time, before he becomes exasperated and kills her by forcing an opal down her throat.

Tramps are also notorious for hanging around near pillories, where players are sent to if they attempt to pickpocket a nearby Pillory guard. They run Pelter's Veg Stall, crates of rotten tomatoes which they sell for one coin each and sometimes throw at imprisoned players. This stall and the rotten tomatoes can also be found at the Duel Arena.

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  • If you give the tramp money he will stop teasing you.