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For the potion flask version, see Cooking flask.

Cooking potions are made by mixing clean harralander and cooked swordfish in a vial of water, giving 125 Herblore experience. It requires level 55 Herblore.

Cooking potions temporarily raise a player's Cooking level by 3, and 1 point drops each minute.

Cooking potions can be upgraded into super cooking potions by adding zygomite fruit, requiring level 79 Herblore.

Price per dose[edit | edit source]

Item GE price Price per dose Price per dose
(Excluding vial / flask)
Cooking potion (1).png Cooking potion (1) 291 291 290
Cooking potion (2).png Cooking potion (2) 594 297 297
Cooking potion (3).png Cooking potion (3) 1,140 380 380
Cooking potion (4).png Cooking potion (4) 1,151 288 288
Cooking flask (6).png Cooking flask (6) 3,415 569 -1,786

Creation[edit | edit source]

Cooking potion (3).png Cooking potion (3)
Herblore-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
125 XP-2 (1.2s) / 1 (0.6s) [r 1]1,140
Herblore Herblore level55
P2P icon.png Members only
Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander potion (unf)12,3782,378
Total price3,019
  1. ^ When mixing a single potion

Production costs[edit | edit source]

HerbSecondaryVialMaterial costProfitProfit/XP
Clean harralander.png Clean harralanderSwordfish.png SwordfishVial of water.png Vial of water2,480-1,340-10.63
Grimy harralander.png Grimy harralanderSwordfish.png SwordfishVial of water.png Vial of water2,249-1,109-8.15
N/ASwordfish.png SwordfishHarralander potion (unf).png Harralander potion (unf)3,019-1,879-15.03

Products[edit | edit source]

Cooking potion (3)[edit | edit source]

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Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 13 January 2020 (Update):
    • Cooking potions can be created via the use option.