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Legacy of Blood This article or section contains information from Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Anya was a young girl imprisoned in the dungeons of Castle Drakan by Tenebra. Following Gar'rth's failed attempt to slay his father, thwarted by Vanstrom Klause, who revealed himself to be a vampyre, the Black Prince ordered Gar'rth to kill Myreque members Kendrick and Ben Strainge and commit himself to Zamorak. The werewolf refused, to which the Prince slew them himself before resurrecting them as undead. Gar'rth was henceforth incarcerated along with the girl, whom he named Anya, Tenebra's intention being that his hungry son would kill and eat her sooner or later, thus becoming Zamorakian. Gar'rth managed to restrain himself, however, and Vanescula killed the girl, to his horror, before he could in order to protect him and impede Tenebra's plans.