Ivandis Seergaze

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Ivandis Seergaze was one of the Seven Priestly Warriors who went to fight Lord Drakan.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Hailing from area around Lumbridge, Invandis, along with his fellow warrior-priests, rallied the human tribes of Asgarnia and Misthalin to repel Lowerniel's invasion during 1100-1200 during the Fourth Age.

He was known for his unusual appearance, and held a most bizarre control over some powerful minions of Drakan's horde. A rod or staff helped imbue him with such power as he bound his victim, before giving them a Guthix serum. His weapon was the Rod of Ivandis, made of sapphires, silver and mithril. The rod is blessed half by human magic, half by the holiness of the River Salve. The serum would either kill, revert or enrage his bound victim, much to the chagrin of his fellow warrior-priests.

Eventually, he fell while blessing the River Salve, and buried alongside his comrades at Paterdomus, and rumours persisted that he was not buried with his comrades; his tomb was eventually found in an offshoot of the Myreque tunnel, by removing the planks boarding up the entrance.

Final Moments of Humanity[edit | edit source]

The tomb in Meiyerditch was actually a fake tomb; he was the only one of the seven to survive blessing the river, and began experiencing symptoms similar to vampyrism. He travelled throughout Morytania and tried to resist feeding off blood, eventually meeting a woman named Yarra in a grotto. The two worked together to find a cure for his vampyrism, but after many trials, Ivandis concluded that he would need the ashes of a blisterwood tree, but they were believed to have gone extinct as Lowerniel had ordered all of these trees to be felled. As such, he told Yarra that he was going to find a blisterwood tree, but was secretly lying as he had grown fond of her and did not wish to harm her.

Ivandis eventually returned to Paterdomus and locked himself inside the coffin at the top of the temple, where he subsequently turned into a vampyre. Due to the locked coffin, he could not get out, but appeared to be on the verge of doing so by year 169 of the Fifth Age. The temple's caretaker, Drezel, had been imprisoned in the same room as him. A passing adventurer, forced by Roald to resolve the situation at the temple, eventually found Drezel and freed him. Drezel was worried that the vampyre would break free, so he told them to bring him a bucket of water from the nearby river. After he blessed the water, the adventurer tossed it over the coffin, sealing Ivandis once more.

At the end of River of Blood, with the river blessed to its maximum, Ivandis was reverted into a human and died from extreme age.

Works[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ivandis is from an area near Lumbridge - even though he lived centuries before the town was erected in 1937 of the Fourth Age.