Lord Alexei Jovkai

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Lord Alexei Jovkai is a vyrelord of House Jovkai. As a true-born vampyre, it is presumed he originated from Vampyrium.

During the Lord of Vampyrium, Jovkai attends the meeting marking the arrival of Lord Lowerniel Drakan with his blood tithes:

He disguises himself as a human child named Lex in order to dupe an adventurer into retrieving his lost toys for his children. After the adventurer obtains the toys, he reveals himself as a vampyre, much to the adventurer's annoyance, but gives them some rewards as a sign of gratitude before leaving.

Because he hails from House Jovkai, Alexei appears to be considerably nicer, but most likely shows a ruthless side behind closed doors.

Concept art of an unknown House Jovkai vampyre.

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Transcripts Lord Alexei Jovkai speaks in:

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