Vampyre Juvinate (In Aid of the Myreque)

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During In Aid of the Myreque, two Vampyre Juvinates accompany Gadderanks to Burgh De Rott in order to collect blood tithes. They are fought alongside Gadderanks, and like all juvinates, can only be damaged by silver. Like all Juvinates, damage dealt to them is capped at 100 unless a Silver sickle or Silver sickle (b) is used, meaning they may be somewhat time consuming to kill. If a player does not have any silver weaponry, once Gadderanks is defeated, Veliaf Hurtz will kill them himself using his fists.

Two more appear later on when escorting Ivan Strom to Paterdomus. These are slightly stronger than those fought in Burgh De Rott, and possess the same damage cap. Since Veliaf will not be here to help this time, an accurate silver weapon (such as the Shadow of the Storm quest reward Darklight) is recommended.

Fighting the Juvinates alongside Veliaf.

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