Lord Jovkai

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For the current lord of House Jovkai, see Lord Alexei Jovkai.

Lord Jovkai was the vampyre lord of House Jovkai, a house that rivalled House Drakan thousands of years before the start of the Sixth Age. After defeating House Drakan in battle, he was invited to their camp to discuss reparations, as was the custom.[1] Lord Jovkai humiliated them by moving into their camp and treating them as servants.[2] Vanescula Drakan was upset with this treatment and slowly poisoned his wine cups so that he died within the year.[3] Vanescula recalls this treatment as being the impetus for House Drakan's future victories, since it upset them so much and they refused to go through it again.[4] She tells the player the story of Lord Jovkai after her defeat at the end of River of Blood, warning the player that, although they won the battle, if they attempted to humiliate Vanescula like Lord Jovkai did, they would meet a similar fate.

House Jovkai survives to the present day under the leadership of Lord Alexei Jovkai.

Concept art of a House Jovkai Vampyre, possibly Lord Jovkai.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Vanescula Drakan, "River of Blood", RuneScape. "When he arrived, Lord Jovkai had brought his own banquet. He sat at the head of our table, and beckoned us to sit. Meals were placed in front of us. I looked around at my brothers. We ate without joy. I could eat nothing. Lord Jovkai watched us. He asked if we were enjoying the meal. My brothers nodded in agreement, but I remained silent. Then he filled his cup with wine again and stood up. He told us that this was it: this was to be our reparations. We would be strangers in our own home, dining from his scraps. He walked over to me, placing the cup in front of me and forced me to drink it. I had to; his blade was at my back. Once the meal was finished, Lord Jovkai made me wash the plates, like some disobedient child. Vanescula Drakan, tending to tables."
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