Pitchfork of vigilantism

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"Pitchfork" redirects here. For the upgraded version, see Pitchfork of justice.
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The pitchfork of vigilantism is a two-handed weapon that can be claimed from Diango.

It was previously given by the Trial Announcer at Botany Bay. The announcer would award it to players who voted at least seven times in the trial of a bot. However, with the removal of Botany Bay on 20 August 2018, this item was made available to reclaim from Diango for all players, regardless of whether they had visited Botany Bay previously or not.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Both pitchforks have emotes which are unlocked at four, five, and six successful votes. The pitchfork has to be wielded when voting in order for the emotes to unlock. These emotes are accessed by right-clicking the item, and selecting the "Emote" option. It will then ask "Which emote do you wish to play?". In order to vote, wait until a bot is brought in for trial, then when prompted select a method of execution and click "Judgement!". "Your vote has been received" is displayed on the "Game" tab after a successful vote.

  1. Angry Shake!
  2. Furious Shake!
  3. Burning Shake of Justice!

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