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Crafted parts are common materials used in the Invention skill. Like all common materials, five are used in one of the five slots of a gizmo shell.

Squeck juice is a notable cheap source for Crafted parts that can be infinitely store bought, while most items of similar value can be difficult to buy through the Grand Exchange. Noose wand may be an even better cheap source for Crafted parts as they provide more materials (12 vs 1 for each disassembly), have a higher chance of providing Crafted parts, and though the stock is not infinite it can be bought in batches of 10 and the stock refills almost as quickly as a player can disassemble those 10 by hand. This provides for a much lower intensity training (not right clicking Buy Ale for each item) and higher rate of Crafted parts overall.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Full list: Category:Items that disassemble into Crafted parts
Calculator: Calculator:Disassembly by material/Crafted

Possible perks[edit | edit source]

PerkGizmosPerk ranks available with X materials
Standard GizmoAncient Gizmo
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg
Preparation (perk).png
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg
Yes check.svg

Devices[edit | edit source]

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