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The attack types are the different ways in which a player or non-player character may attack another player, another NPC, or a piece of interactive scenery that can be attacked. The ten types are: Stab, Slash, Crush, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Arrow, Bolt, and Thrown. Equipment gives players attack bonuses towards each specific attack type, as well as defence bonuses against each type's combat class. Attack types are no longer selected from the combat menu, and are now assigned to individual weapons. Nearly every monster has a set weakness to an attack type, represented by an icon which is displayed next to its name in the combat tab. Each weakness is represented by a different icon; for example, a monster with a weakness against Slash has a battleaxe icon next to its name, whereas a monster weak to Thrown has a javelin icon, a monster weak to Air spells has an Air Surge icon, etc.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Melee weakness icon.png Melee combat is generally used against monsters that use ranged attacks, and is less effective against monsters that fight with magic.

Icon Type Weapon examples
Stab weakness icon.png Stab Daggers, swords, rapiers, spears, and hastae.
Crush weakness icon.png Crush Maces, warhammers, mauls, the Saradomin sword, bare hands.
Slash weakness icon.png Slash Longswords, scimitars, battleaxes, two-handed swords, halberds, claws, and whips.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Ranged weakness icon.png Ranged combat is generally used against monsters that attack using magic spells. However, it is not as effective when used against monsters that fight primarily with melee attacks.

Icon Type Weapon examples
Arrow weakness icon.png Arrow Shortbows
Bolt weakness icon.png Bolt Crossbows
Two-handed crossbows
Thrown weakness icon.png Thrown Knives, bolas, javelins, chinchompas
Chakrams, Shadow glaive

Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic weakness icon.png Magic combat is generally used against monsters that fight primarily with melee, but is less effective against monsters that attack with ranged.

Element Examples from spellbooks
Icon Name Standard magic Ancient Magicks
Air weakness icon.png Air Air spells Smoke spells
Water weakness icon.png Water Water spells Ice spells
Earth weakness icon.png Earth Earth spells Shadow spells
Fire weakness icon.png Fire Fire spells Blood spells

Other[edit | edit source]

Icon Type Examples
Dragonfire icon.png Dragonfire Dragons
Dragonstone bolts (e)
Dragonstone bakriminel bolts (e)