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This is a list of frequently asked questions for Template:Databox equipment bonuses.
If something seems to be missing, feel free to ask on the talk page. For usage information, see documentation.

Information displayed[edit source]

This item degrades, why does the template not indicate such?[edit source]

The degrades parameter in the template is specifically for items that follow the standard Equipment degradation system. Equipment such as scrimshaws and activated charge items have unique degradation mechanics that should be noted in the prose instead.

What exactly does range indicate?[edit source]

Range is the weapon's attack range. For consistency, this infobox defines attack range starting at 1 for "adjacent to the target" (also known as "melee range"). Thus, 2 is halberd range, and so on.

Why are the strength values too high?[edit source]

All information is done with the current system. If you are in Legacy Mode, some values will be 10 times higher than what you see.

Why are some bonuses decimal, but they aren't in-game?[edit source]

In-game damage bonuses (including weapon damage) and armour values are truncated to no decimal places when displayed in interfaces, but do actually have 1 decimal place. The actual values used on the wiki can be found in the game cache.

If you wish to verify that this is the phenomena that exists, try equipping an amulet of glory and an ring of Wealth (and nothing else). Despite the sum of the interface values being 36 (26+10), if you hover over the damage value in the Loadout menu it will say the Strength bonus is 37; this is because the items are actually +26.7 and +10.7 Strength, respectively. You can equally try it with an adamant full helm and a rune platebody, which have true armour values of 125.6 and 195.5, so the Loadout menu states 321 armour from equipment.

Why do only some items have decimal bonuses? Why are some things just "3" and some things "3.0"?[edit source]

The addition of decimal bonuses to item pages is an ongoing project and affects the following fields of the infobox:

  • Armour
  • Weapon damage (main and off)
  • Strength, magic, and ranged damage bonuses

If these fields show a number without a decimal place, that means it has not been updated to have decimal places (in the code of the page) yet. If it has been updated, it will always show a decimal place, even if it is an integer.

For example, ring of potency displays a 3.0 armour bonus, so you know that this page has been updated with exact equipment bonuses (even though the armour bonus is identical to before it was updated). If it just displayed 3, then you would know that the page had not yet been updated.