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Chronicle, Book of legends is a companion pet released to celebrate the beta for Jagex's collectible card-game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Until 4 April 2016 at reset, players could claim the pet from the gorajo hoardstalker, located south of the Burthorpe lodestone and numerous other locations around the game. The pet was made obtainable again in a hidden update prior to 27 June 2017, and can now be unlocked by entering the Legends' Guild.

You have unlocked the Chronicle, Book of Legends follower pet. It can be found in the pet interface.

While summoned or used as a pet override, the pet can be interacted with to play an emote. Previously, it was able to provide a 5% experience boost for one hour. This boost could be used repeatedly throughout the original event. This had to be done by right clicking; doing the emote via the summoning medallion would not give the boost. The boost was not available to free players, but the lamps could still be obtained in free worlds.

The pet could also be "read" daily for a question about Chronicle. The player would receive either a small XP lamp or prismatic star for answering each of the 14 questions correctly. If a daily question was missed, it could be answered during the following days. If the question was answered incorrectly, the player could not try again for another 30 seconds. While using the "read" option the player will get a message stating that the event ended.

After answering all 14 questions correctly, the gorajo hoardstalker would reward the player with either a small XP lamp or a bonus XP star (small).

Answers to questions[edit | edit source]

The emote that plays when selecting the Play Chronicle on the pet.
Correct answers are shown in bold text and highlighted green.
What kind of game is Chronicle?An MMORPG
A top-down shooter
A strategy card game
A dating simulator
What world is Chronicle set in?Gielinor
Chessington World of Adventures
Which of these provides the most armour in Chronicle?Adamant Armour
Full Tetsu
Dragon Longsword
Which of these characters is NOT a Legend in Chronicle?The Raptor
Mod Mark
Which of these monsters has the highest attack in Chronicle?Jubbly Bird
KGP Agent
What is the official Chronicle Twitter account?@RSChronicle
Which of the following is NOT a location in Chronicle?Wizards' Tower
Grand Exchange
Jaldraocht Pyramid
Andrew Gower's Mum's Kitchen
Two legends battle in the Chronicle tutorial. Who are they?Ozan and The Raptor
Ariane and Ozan
The Raptor and Ariane
Linza and Ariane
Which of these Legends uses the card 'Wind Strike' in Chronicle?Ariane
The Raptor
Which of these foods is not a card in Chronicle?Rock Cake
Stack o' Sharks
How do you win at Chronicle?Bring your rival to zero health
Run out of cards to play
Get 99 in all skills
Hold down the space bar
How many coins are visible in the main menu of Chronicle?5 coins
6 coins
7 coins
8 coins
How much attack do Saradomin Godswords give in Chronicle?5 attack
6 attack
7 attack
8 attack
Which of the following card combos is effective in Chronicle?Lunar Spellbook + Steel Titan
Lady Keli + Chaotic Rapier
Vyrewatch + Ice Nihil
Reflect + Zemouregal

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