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Mod Mark is a Jagex Moderator and the Creative Director for RuneScape.[1][2] He created and wrote the dialogue for Bob the Jagex Cat, and he also wrote the dialogue of hellcats.[source needed]

He first joined Jagex in 2003[3]. In 2004, he appeared in the tenth episode in season 12 of Bargain Hunt, a television programme in which two teams are challenged to buy antiques and sell them at an auction for money.[source needed] In 2009, he stated this experience may have inspired the RuneScape non-player character Simon Templeton.[4]


Role Date
Quality Assurance Specialist February 2003 - January 2004
Senior Game Designer January 2004 - January 2007
Lead Content Designer January 2007 - January 2013
Design Director February 2013 - January 2021
Creative Director January 2021 - Present
Predecessor Title Successor
Role established Lead Designer for RuneScape David Osborne

Media appearances

19 Years of RuneScape - Anniversary Special (Jan 2020)Livestream7 January 2020
An Audience with Mod MarkPodcast6 September 2013
EoC Live Stream with Design Director Mod Mark and Mods Chris L and PiLivestream11 November 2012
Fourth Official Live Q&A - The Future of RuneScapeLivestream30 September 2012
Live Q&A with Mod Mark, Design DirectorLivestream17 December 2014
Lore Live Stream with Mods Mark and OsborneLivestream4 November 2012
New RuneScape mobile game - RuneScape: Idle Adventures - Summer Summit 2016Livestream1 June 2016
PvM Reveal: the Rex Matriarchs | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream2 March 2021
RuneCast #2 - J-mod Q&AVideo14 June 2012
RuneFest 2013: WelcomeLivestream11 November 2013
RuneFest 2014: Welcome to RuneFestLivestream14 October 2014
RuneScape 20 Years of Lore // The Lore Council discusses the history of GielinorLivestream19 January 2021
RuneScape Developer Q&A Special: The New RS Leadership TeamLivestream3 June 2015
RuneScape Game Jam Summary - April 2018Livestream20 April 2018
RuneScape Stories by the Fireside w/ Mods Raven, Jack, Timbo, Osborne and Mark | #20YearsOfRuneScapeLivestream6 January 2021
RuneScape TV: A Reflection on Invention - 24/03/2015Livestream24 March 2015
RuneScape TV: Update Frequency and RuneLabs Discussion - 31/03/2015Livestream1 April 2015
RuneScape's Quizmas Presents!Livestream21 December 2012
RuneScape: Idle Adventures - What is it?Livestream23 February 2016
Second Official Live Q&A - BotsLivestream16 September 2012
Story Time Livestream with Mod Ash, Mod Mark, Ian Gower, Mod Noldor & Mod WilsonLivestream12 February 2015
Story Time with the Gower Brothers & Mods Ash, Mark, Mat K & MayleaLivestream7 January 2016
Third Official Live Q&A - EoCLivestream23 September 2012



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