Undercooked mystery meat

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For the meat available during the Broken Home quest, see mystery meat.
Undercooked mystery meat detail.png

Undercooked mystery meat is dropped by certain creatures while wearing an Asylum doctor's ring. Unlike standard mystery meat, it does not fully restore a player's health, but rather restores 15% of it. The drop rate from the creatures that drop it is common.

At 94 Constitution or higher this food becomes the second best food for Free-to-play, with a possibility to heal 1,485 at level 99, surpassing the 1,400 from swordfish, but beaten by bottle of wine at 1500, which lowers Attack by 3. The health can further be boosted to 1,535 by having Expensive spices equipped or in your inventory. Swordfish and bottles of wine however are much easier to obtain.

Monsters known to drop it are: