Gulvas Mansion

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The outside of the mansion.

Gulvas Mansion is a large mansion on the southern side of Silvarea, serving as the setting for the Broken Home quest with which it was released. It is directly south of the Silvarea quarry.

The quickest way to reach the mansion is with the teleport from the invitation box, which puts players near Maria. Alternatively, using an earth altar teleport or the wicked hood and running east will bring players to the mansion. Skeletal horror teleport places the player shortly north of the mansion.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Gulvas Mansion is primarily used for the quest Broken Home, where the ghost of the man who built and originally owned the mansion, Ormod Gulvas, haunts the mansion. Players playing or re-playing the quest must venture into the mansion and attempt to put a stop to Ormod killing everyone else trapped inside the mansion.

History[edit | edit source]

The concept art of the mansion

During the Second Age, the area that the mansion is occupying was used as an asylum for the citizens of Senntisten. When the Third Age begun, and the God Wars broke out, contact with the asylum was lost, and it was effectively abandoned. However, a chthonian demon named Senecianus was left behind in the asylum and forgotten. Over time, the asylum was covered by dirt and ruins of the war.

Nabor's insanity asylum.

Early in the Fifth Age, Ormod Gulvas, a powerful and rich mage, along with his wife, settled down and built a mansion within Silvarea, where they had a young boy. Sometime into the future, his wife caught the pox and died to it. After her death, Ormod decided that was wiser to focus on financial stability, focussing full-time on his work. During this time, he began to grow senile in his older age. At some point, he saw his son Lenian as a burden and tasked a nanny for taking care of him in the tower of the mansion. Somewhere in her work, she made a 'severe mistake' in Ormod's eyes and he murdered her as her punishment. After some time, he remembered about his son, who the now-dead nanny was meant to be taking care of, only to climb to the tower to find his son deceased from starvation.

Ormod, in his age, assumed that his senility was part of a curse, and asked for help from the Wizards' Tower, along with other seers and soothsayers. One "toothless, sightless elder" told him he could be freed from his affliction from what lied beneath his mansion, to which Ormod began to dig below his mansion until he found some sort of ruins, along with a type of magically sealed door, that even his greatest efforts could not seem to open. He gave up and decided that his life was no longer worth living, locking down the mansion and killing his servants, then poisoning himself.

A safe haven within the mansion.

Many years later, a man named Ingram managed to acquire the property of the mansion and, upon investigating the premises, found the sealed door to the asylum. He tried to break the seal, but was able to briefly explore the ancient asylum before accidentally releasing the chthonian demon Senecianus from his prison, still insane after all these years. Coincidentally, Ormod Gulvas returned as a ghost to haunt the mansion due to feelings of guilt and responsibility over the death of his son, casting a magical barrier on the mansion to prevent people entering or exiting with objects or equipment. Ingram committed suicide, while the rest of the servants were either killed by Ormod or Senecianus. Only Maria was able to escape the mansion, and she flagged down a passing adventurer to help get survivors out. The adventurer complied, but found no survivors. However, they were able to cure Senecianus' insanity, who then proceeded to remove Ormod from the property.