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Ingram is a descendant of Ormod Gulvas. He returned to his ancestral home in an attempt to better understand Ormod's madness. Within a month, he had uncovered details of a spell Ormod had attempted to use. Shortly afterwards, Ormod's ghost appeared and the staff began dying, unable to leave the house. One servant, Maria, managed to escape and went to get help. Meanwhile, Ingram attempted to access the basement in an attempt to neutralise Ormod. In doing so, he accidentally unleashed Senecianus, a demon locked up in the insane asylum located beneath the manor. He sealed himself in his room, hoping to delay the demon long enough to cast the spell. However, he failed and was killed, being found by the player "with an expression of utter, soul destroying terror etched into his face."

Ingram's mansion, now haunted by its former owner

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