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Rowena was a young, homeless orphan girl who lived in Senntisten during the Second Age. Rowena was not her real name but rather the name given to her by Senecianus , a Chthonian demon and accountant, after a circus performer she reminded him of. Senecianus took a liking to the girl after seeing her in the alley behind his office, and would leave her small scraps of food and observe her from his window. Senecianus eventually dared to give her the food in person, but upon doing so he was overcome by an extreme hunger and swallowed her whole. The guilt of doing so drove him insane and he was eventually consigned to Senntisten's Asylum.

During Broken Home, Senecianus takes the form of her ghost whilst he dreams of her playing, and it can be seen throughout the mansion.

After the quest, a pet version of her can be obtained by replaying the quest without dying and eating one or less mystery meat. She can be summoned through the follower pets section of the pets interface, and can be stored in a Menagerie. If she is interacted with, she will say "Well, at least it's not haunted here. Oh, wait..."

Using a right-click on the Summoning icon, found on the action bar, will provide an Interact option that will display the above dialogue above Rowena's head.