Koschei's needle

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Koschei's needle is a relic component once owned by the Mahjarrat Kharshai. It can be obtained by completing the Wise Am the Music Man collection. Returning Koschei's needle to Koschei the Deathless (or Kharshai after completing the miniquest "Koschei's Troubles") will give you Koschei's Death Egg which is a relic bonded to Daemonheim, granting the player unlimited deaths inside Dungeoneering without penalty towards the player's experience or reward at the end of the floor. In order to reach Koschei, the player must have started Koschei's Troubles, which requires Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Blood Runs Deep to be completed. Otherwise, the player will not be allowed into the basement.

Giving Koschei's needle to Koschei during his brief appearance in Blood Runs Deep will not work. Neither will giving the needle to Kharshai when he is standing on the frozen peninsula north of Rellekka (where Children of Mah begins).

When asked about archaeology rewards, the Wise Old Man tells players he collected this to use for his gramophone.

Location of Koschei/Kharshai:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is a reference to the needle from Russian folklore in which Koschei would keep his soul.
  • When the Wise Old Man tells players about the needle and how he used it, he references the Queen song Who Wants To Live Forever.