Skeka flask (reinforced)

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Skeka flask (reinforced) is a restored orthenglass flask that has had a piece of dragon metal attached to it. It is the first step to creating the Soma relic.

Players must fill the flask with the water from the pool where the dragonkin council held meetings, which is the pool of water to the east of the corbicula rex hunting site. This will transform the flask into the Skeka flask (water).

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Skeka flask (reinforced).
Interacting with the flask far from the pool

  • Player: Hmm, I don't think any old water will suffice here. Was there something in the outpost to suggest what water to use?
Interacting with the flask close to the pool

  • Player: This looks like a spot. I should get closer to the pool.
Interacting with the flask next to the pool

  • Player: This looks like the right water source to start things off with!
  • Player dips forward to gather water
  • Skeka flask (reinforced) is replaced with Skeka flask (water) in inventory

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