Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves)

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Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves) is a relic in Archaeology that players can activate at the mysterious monolith at the Archaeology Guild. Players must have level 83 Archaeology (81 with God Banner boost, 80 with Archaeology Potion boost, 76 with Pulse core boost) to use it, as well as having completed the previous three tiers of the relic: Luck, Wealth, and Fortune. Using it at the mysterious monolith unlocks the Luck of the Dwarves relic power which when activated will always gain the effect of tier 4 luck.

Any hand of glory without a luck ring on can be used to create this item. The hand of glory (Warforge) has the highest Archaeology level requirement, and it can be found at the Warforge Dig Site. It can then be combined with a Luck of the Dwarves to create the finished relic. This process cannot be reversed, and the ring will be consumed; the Grand Exchange price of the ring is 91,771,997 coins.

When the relic power is activated, you receive the message: You feel the effects from the relic power within and you receive: # x item.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 14 April 2020 (Update):
    • The 'Seed of the Charyou Tree' and 'Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves)' relics have had their levels in the skill guide corrected from 89 to 83.
      • The in-game skill-guide first stated that this relic had a requirement of level 89 Archaeology, because of the Saragorgak key needed to enter the Forge, where the relic is located. This key is obtained near the Big High War God shrine. The normal excavation sites there require level 89, but the material caches (Mark of the Kyzaj, Warforged bronze and Malachite green) require level 76, meaning that the real requirement is for the next highest level key, found at the goblin dorm debris, which requires a boostable level 83 Archaeology.