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Human tooth detail.png

The human tooth is needed to give to the Tooth Fairy at the end of the third Fairy Tale quest for a tooth creature pet. It can be found by searching the bunk beds in Gertrude's house just outside Varrock.

If the tooth is lost or destroyed, another tooth may be received by searching the bunk beds in Gertrude's house.

Trying to retrieve another human tooth after obtaining the tooth creature pet yields the message, "You find some biscuit crumbs, but they slip through your fingers."

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The human tooth looks like it might be a molar.
  • The examine text and the tooth being found in the bunk bed is a reference to the tooth fairy lore where many children are told to place their tooth under their pillow, and the tooth fairy will come and take it and leave money behind.