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The Fairy Queen is the ruler of Zanaris and the fairies, and she plays a key role in the Fairy Tale quest series.

In A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains the player is told that the Tanglefoot took her Queen's secateurs and causing her to be ill; they must defeat the Tanglefoot and hand the secateurs to the Fairy Godfather.

In the sequel, A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, players do more research to find out how to cure the Queen. She is still sick and unable to move, so players do some snooping around Zanaris and find some glyphs on the back of a certificate. With the help of inscriptions near the mysterious ruins of the Cosmic Altar, players decipher the code and learn how to gain access to the Fairy Resistance Hideout. Players must then create a magic essence potion to cure her. She reveals that the Fairy Godfather was with her during the encounter with the Tanglefoot - and it is deduced it was actually the Fairy Godfather who back-stabbed her and left her for dead in his goal to rule Zanaris.

While the Fairy Queen is sick, you cannot talk to her. Only before and after both quests can you speak to her.

During A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, she plays a major role in leading the Fairy Resistance against the Fairy Godfather, and after the quest can be found in her throne room in Zanaris once more.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fairy Queen is the only fairy with four wings.