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Elder Crown.png
The crown as it appeared before the Sixth Age.
Saradomin, the most active user of the crown.

The Elder Crown,[1] also known as the Locator,[2] the Crown of Saradomin[3] or the Crown Archival,[4] is an Elder God artefact that has the unique ability to enable its user to locate other Elder Artefacts anywhere in the Multiverse, but it also enables users of other Elder Artefacts to locate the crown and its user. This makes it both useful and, as most gods seem to want to collect Elder Artefacts, dangerous, similar to other Elder Artefacts.[5] It was one of the earliest artefacts to be discarded by the Elder Gods, for they no longer saw the necessity in locating them.[6]

The crown, through the ages, has been essentially used exclusively by Saradomin, one of the oldest of the young gods. It has been in his possession since even before the Naragi God Wars,[7] which took place before the First Age of Gielinor. Because of the crown's unique ability, it seems to be of extreme importance to Saradomin. Since the crown can also be located and is very desired, Saradomin has had numerous conflicts with other deities in order to hold it.

With the crown, Saradomin hunts other artefacts, and he managed to steal the Stone of Jas from Zamorak just before the Gielinorian God Wars. When Zamorak returned from his banishment, having ascended to godhood, he attempted to reclaim the stone and declared war on Saradomin.[8]

The crown is only able to locate the plane an artefact resides on, not the exact location.[9]

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

The Locator was one of the Elder artefacts that was not discarded on Gielinor.[source needed] It was eventually found and claimed by Saradomin in a cave on Teragard while he was chasing a criminal. Its ability led him to an unknown number of other elder artefacts, which all gradually caused him to ascend to godhood.[10] It is later claimed by Zaros that he has "allowed" Saradomin to retain possession of the Locator, in order to ensure that Zaros would always know its current location.[11]

The Cartalian Heresy[edit | edit source]

At some point during the God Wars, Saradomin is believed to have temporarily lost the Locator in a location known as Cartalia. As a result of this, he allegedly lost a significant portion of his power, although he was able to reobtain both the locator and his lost power with it. The limited information surrounding this event has been compiled into a book known as The Cartalian Heresy, though certain present-day scholars such as Wizard Valina appear to doubt some of its claims, in particular the claim that Saradomin would be significantly weakened if he were to lose the Locator again.[12]

Forceful requisition[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Azzanadra's Quest and Battle of the Monolith (miniquest).

During the Sixth Age, Zaros began to enact his plan with the Elder Gods. The Locator was one of the items he needed to do so, and he tasked Azzanadra and Trindine with reclaiming it from Saradomin. Although the two Mahjarrat confronted him during a commencement ceremony at the White Castle's courtyard, they were unable to complete the task. Zaros then teleported in and forcefully took it from Saradomin, seeing it as his by birthright. During the Battle of the Monolith Zaros opened the Codex, an Elder artefact sealing the Shadow Breach leading into the Erebus. He entered the monolith and took the Locator with him as a means of navigating that place.[13]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The symbol in the middle of the crown is identical to Saradomin's symbol and it's likely that Saradomin adopted this symbol as his own, just like Armadyl's followers attributed the symbol on top of the Staff of Armadyl to him, and Bandos adopted the shape of the Kyzaj as his.

References[edit | edit source]

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