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Not to be confused with toad egg sac.
"Frogspawn" redirects here. For the egg growth stage of the livestock creature, see Frogspawn (player-owned farm).
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Frog spawn is a food item that heals 250 life points when eaten. Eating it also yields the message: "You eat the frogspawn. Yuck." They can be used to feed a player's pet cat and are also used in crafting potions in combination with a clean wergali at level 42 Herblore.

Players may also obtain frog spawn by catching a gourmet impling or looting a gourmet impling jar. This impling may be in the wild or in the Impetuous Impulses minigame. Frog spawn may also be a drop from a frog in the jade vine maze.

The easiest way to obtain frog spawn is to use a fishing net in the south-western lumbridge caves area, a light source will be needed.

Frog spawn is required for the Contract Claws Archaeology mystery.

Frog spawn cannot be noted.

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Catching[edit | edit source]

Frog spawn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Frog spawnFrog spawn
Fishing level Fishing 33
Fishing spot Net/Bait
Tool Small fishing net.png: RS3 Inventory image of Small fishing netSmall fishing net
Fishing XP Fishing 75 XP
Equipment XP Invention 8.85 XP

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Frog spawn, EelsLumbridge Swamp Caves2NoneP2P icon.pngShow on map
Frog spawn, EelsDorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon2Death to the DorgeshuunP2P icon.pngShow on map

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