Chinchompa (weapon)

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Chinchompas are thrown weapons.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Chinchompas are stackable "weapons" that are equipped in the main-hand slot much like a crossbow would. When launched as either an auto-attack or ability, the chinchompa will explode and scatter into a 3x3 AoE from the hit tile, damaging both the main target and up to nine other targets at the same time. The AoE damage will occur even with two-handed abilities as long as the player switches to the chinchompa before the damage appears.

Chinchompas therefore cause the player's attacks to become AoE, making them extremely useful when fighting multiple monsters at the same time when they can be reached. The damage from chinchompas is usually consistent across multiple targets. They are not consumed when thrown as abilities, and cannot be recovered by Ava's devices when thrown as an auto-attack, since they are living creatures.

Modified abilities:

  • Shadow Tendrils hits as much opponents as possible. Only one instance of backlash damage occurs.
  • Onslaught will also hit as much targets as possible, but each Onslaught hit against multiple targets are independent of each other.
  • Damage inflicted from Corruption Shot and Fragmentation Shot roll independently for each target struck.
    • In the case of the former, the damage will not spread to targets already struck by it, preventing it from dealing too much damage. Damage spread remains normal to monsters not caught in the attack from the compromised monster.
      • For example, two monsters hit with a chinchompa corruption shot, one taking 2,000 and the other 1,600, will not cause first monster to take 1,280 damage from the latter's spread, nor will the second take 1,600 damage from the former's spread. Unaffected monsters that stray to the afflicted monster(s) will take the same damage as the monster that spread it to them.

Unmodified abilities:

For 2x2 and larger monsters, the spread tile is the monster's south-western most tile.

Chinchompa types[edit | edit source]

  • Gray chinchompas require a Ranged level of 45 in order to be thrown. These can be hunted.
  • Red chinchompas require a Ranged level of 55 in order to be thrown. These can be hunted.
  • Mechanised chinchompas require a Ranged level of 75 in order to be thrown. These are crafted through Invention.
Type Unknown
Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Red chinchompa.pngRed chinchompaThrown673.8983---------2,255
Mechanised chinchompa.pngMechanised chinchompaThrown9941694---------9,374