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Virtus book detail.png

Magical books are off-hand magic weapons that are used to cast combat spells. They are wielded in the off-hand slot and are used with wands to dual-wield as a mage. Books require a separate autocast from the wand, although when using abilities, only the wand's element is recognised.

Magical orbs are functionally identical to books. If a book does not exist for a common tier, there is likely an orb instead.

List of books[edit | edit source]

Type Unknown
Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Wizard book.pngWizard book1---None-110------49
Avernic book.pngAvernic book1---None-160--1---Reward from the Demon Slayer quest
Imphide book.pngImphide book10---None-202------1,030
Batwing book.pngBatwing book30---None-454------3,152
Tome of frost.pngTome of frost48---None-801------43,000 Dungeoneering tokens
Mages' book.pngMages' book60---None-1132------1,887,032
Ahrim's book of magic.pngAhrim's book of magic70---None-1486------1,136,023
Virtus book.pngVirtus book80---None-1924------8,523,989