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Toktz-xil-ul detail.png

TokTz-xil-ul (or Obsidian throwing rings) are a Ranged weapon used by the TzHaar, most notably the TzHaar-Xil. They cost around 375 Tokkul per throwing ring, and require level 60 Ranged to use. 

These have the same stats as dragon throwing axes and dragon javelins, although they lack an off-hand variant. Toktz-xil-ul are often cheaper than dragon throwing weapons, are arguably easier to acquire, and do not have a quest requirement to use. The Ava's attractor and its upgrades will collect Toktz-xil-ul.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Toktz-xil-ul is based on the chakram, a circular throwing weapon with sharp outer edges that originated in India.
  • While using abilities with this, the animations are those of a crossbow, even though this is a thrown weapon.