Treasure Hunter/Promotions/2015

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Promo Update Start End Description
Thieving and Slayer Skilling Dummies Update 31 December 4 January Thieving and Slayer dummies have been added to the game.
Christmas Advent Calendar Update 1 December 24 December Every day a previous promotion for that day.
Rare Token Store Boost Update 26 November 30 November Increased the chance of obtaining rare tokens and also decreased prices for the rewards in rare token store.
Novtumber Festival Update 19 November 23 November Grow Novtumber Festival seeds for Farming and Prayer experience, also featured increase chance for the skilling outfits of those skills.
Divine Simulacrum Outfits Update 12 November 16 November Combine all three outfits to create the Elder divination outfit.
Celebration of Fire Update 5 November 9 November Join the Celebration of Fire in the Lumbridge crater!
The Haunted Graveyard Update 29 October 4 November Collect candy corn to be exchanged for various cosmetics.
Lost Sword of Raddallin Update 15 October 20 October Use the basic and golden tools to uncover the Lost Sword of Raddallin!
Pet of Seasons Update 8 October 13 October Collect materials to combine into the rare Pet of Seasons!
Corrupted Chests Update 1 October 5 October Win prizes based on the level of corruption, such as the scrimshaw of sacrifice and the helm of corruption.
Time to Train Update 24 September 28 September Treasure Hunter offers many items that are beneficial during training in the Bonus XP Weekend.
Starfury Armour Update 10 September 15 September Collect Starlight ore to make Starlight and Starfury armour and weapons.
Dungeoneering Wildcards Update 3 September 7 September Collect wild cards that give 50% more Dungeoneering experience and tokens on the current floor when used.
Hearts of Fire Update 20 August 24 August Use Hearts of Ice to select the category of your next prize.
Death Lotus Training Update 13 August 19 August Complete challenges to collect pieces of a cosmetic outfit, cosmetic weapon overrides, and a new resting animation.
Bonus Chests Update 6 August 10 August Each key adds a charge to the bonus chest, which gives twice the items of a normal chest. The contents of the chest can be seen and reroll with every key used.
Slayer Masks 4 Update 30 July 3 August New slayer masks have been added to aid while on a black demon, dagannoth, automaton, aquanite, ganodermic creature or airut task. Additionally, anyone who uses at least one key during this promotion obtains a troll slayer mask.
Prismania 3 Update 23 July 27 July All lamps and stars on Treasure Hunter are prismatic, and give 50% more (bonus) experience.
New Portable Skill Stations Update 16 July 22 July It is possible to receive packages with skilling stations, which include three new types of skilling station - Firemaking, Fletching and Crafting.
Genie Returns! Update 9 July 13 July Using a lamp or star won from Treasure Hunter has a chance of spawning Karima, who gives the player extra bonus experience or coins.
Dragon Chests Update 2 July 6 July Dragon chests multiply the prize you'd receive from a regular chest, with the chance of more loot increasing (2x, 3x, and 4x) depending on the rarity of metal the chest is made of.
Summer Raffle Update 25 June 28 June Players can win mystery boxes from Treasure Hunter as well as from Reyna and through daily challenges, which gives them a chance at one of six exclusive summer cosmetics.
Advanced Pulse Cores Update 19 June 22 June Advanced pulse cores give 150% experience when worn, and a 2% experience boost (up to 10%) after exploding.
New Skilling Add-Ons Update 12 June 15 June Add-ons can be won to upgrade the sous chef's toque, botanist's mask, first age tiara and farmer's hat.
Astromancer Outfit Update 4 June 8 June Using astromancer credits, players can obtain god-related ceremonial robes, banner pets, and the astromancer outfit.
Smouldering Lamps Update 28 May 2 June Players can win smouldering lamps, which use bonus experience when giving their experience reward.
Dragon Trinkets Update 15 May 18 May Dragon trinkets give various bonuses when fighting chromatic dragons, as well as providing teleports.
Wonder Bar Update 8 May 11 May The wonder bar can be filled by using keys, in order to get a free item that is guaranteed to be of the selected rarity or higher.
Protean Logs Update 24 April 27 April Protean logs are stackable logs that can be used to get Firemaking or Fletching experience.
Dwarven Tools Update 17 April 20 April These tools can be used when fishing, mining or woodcutting, offering the choice between double produce and no experience, or double experience with no produce.
Pulse Cores Update 10 April 13 April Pulse cores can be worn in the pocket slot to obtain double experience when training, and give a 2% experience boost (up to 10%) for 10 minutes when they explode.
Second Chance Update 2 April 7 April The result of each key can be rerolled at the cost of 10 Hearts of Ice.
Shark Attack Update 26 March 30 March Players can win pieces of shark outfits, which gives various bonuses when fishing.
Rares & Luckies Refresh Update 13 March 16 March Old rares leave Treasure Hunter, and new ones take their place. Rare item tokens can be won to exchange for rare items.
Time to Train Update 20 February 23 February All chests contain prismatic stars and lamps, training dummies, and various other skilling-related items.
Valentine's 2015 Update 12 February 16 February Players can win rose petals which can be exchanged for various Valentine-related items.
Bonus Chests Update 6 February 9 February Each key adds a charge to the bonus chest, which gives twice the items of a normal chest. The contents of the chest can be seen and reroll with every key used.
Protean Hides Update 30 January 2 February Protean hides are stackable items that give Crafting experience, scaling with the player's level.
Alchemist's Amulet Update 9 January 19 January The alchemist's amulet gives the player a daily amount of money. This is usually 50,000, but rarely the player can win 1,000,000.
Battleships Update 1 January 5 January Toy royal battleships can be won, which fight each other when deployed for Construction experience.