Treasure Hunter/Promotions/2014

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Promo Update Start End Description
Smouldering Lamps Update 28 November 1 December Smouldering lamps use bonus experience when giving their reward.
Meteor Storm Update 6 November 11 November Meteorites and space dust give 75% extra (bonus) experience when used on one of the player's five lowest skills, and 25% otherwise.
Halloween - From This Weekend Update 24 October 3 November Obtain Ghostweave fabric to create six outfits to trick-or-treat NPCs in Gielinor for chocolate rewards.
Rune Ethereals Update 16 October 21 October Obtain Ethereal outfits, which assist in your Runecrafting skill in multiple ways.
Protean Traps Update 10 October 14 October Protean traps can be used to catch a variety of animals for a higher amount of Hunter experience without receiving loot.
Skill Outfit Head Add-Ons Update 26 September 30 September Add-ons can be won to upgrade the blacksmith's helmet, artisan's bandana, diviner's headwear and shaman's headdress.
Talk like a Pirate Day! Update 18 September 25 September Players can win doubloons which can be exchanged for a variety of pirate-themed items.
Rival Challenges Update 12 September 15 September Captain Haskell is back, and using challenge tokens, players can receive scaled-down daily challenges.
Ace of Trades Update 29 August 9 September Complete skill cards for a large experience reward.
Genie's Blessing Update 22 August 25 August When using a lamp or star won on Treasure Hunter, the player has a chance to spawn Karima, giving them extra bonus experience or coins.
Elite Training Dummies Update 12 August 18 August Training dummies can be used to obtain experience in the chosen combat style.
Totems of Wisdom Update 1 August 8 August Player can win essence of wisdom, which can be used to place town totems that give bonus experience to anyone who attunes to it.
Divine Recall Update 25 July 29 July Fading memories, when equipped in the pocket slot, give various bonuses when training Divination.
Blast from the Past II Update 17 July 22 July Old rares can once again be won on Treasure Hunter.
Lucky Clover Necklaces Update 4 July 15 July Clover necklaces can be won, which offer coins and prizes to win randomly.
Spring Cleaner Update 27 June 1 July The spring cleaner can take various drops and turn them into base materials or bonus experience, at the cost of springs.
Gemstone Golem Outfits Update 19 June 24 June Pieces of golem outfit can be won, which gives bonuses when training Mining.
Large Gnomeball & Recolourable Kit Update 13 June 17 June The gnomeballer's kit and the large gnomeball could be won.
Prismania 2 Update 4 June 11 June All lamps and stars on Treasure Hunter are prismatic and provide 50% more experience.
Cloak of Seasons Update 23 May 3 June Pieces of the Cloak of Spring, Cloak of Summer, Cloak of Autumn and Cloak of Winter can be won, which combine into the Cloak of Seasons.
Protean Smithing Bars Update 16 May 20 May Protean bars can be won, which give a fair chunk of Smithing experience when used.
Farming Skill Outfit Update 9 May 13 May The farmer's outfit is available, giving various Farming-related benefits when worn.
Portable Skill Stations Update 2 May 6 May Various portable skill stations can be won, for on-the-go Herblore, Smithing and Cooking experience as well as a sawmill that gives protean planks.
Easter Eggstravaganza Update 17 April 22 April Six eggs are available. 3 tradeable and 3 untradeable versions of items that transform the user into a lamb, rabbit, or chicken.
Heartfreezer Update 11 April 15 April Hearts of Ice are available from the Heartfreezer amulet and the number of categories that can be frozen per playing is doubled to 20.
Slayer Masks 3 Update 4 April 7 April Six new Slayer masks are available from Treasure Hunter, each themed around well known Slayer monsters.
Skill Outfit Bonanza Returns Update 26 March 31 March Skilling outfits are made more common.
Silverhawk Boots Update 14 March 17 March Debut of the Silverhawk boots. As such, the item has increased chances of being won.
Prismania Update 7 March 10 March All lamps and fallen stars are prismatic and give 50% extra bonus experience.
Blast from the Past Update 27 February 3 March Rare items from the Squeal of Fortune that were discontinued with the release of Treasure Hunter are available as prizes.
Valentine's 2014 Update 14 February 24 February Valentine love notes are available on Treasure Hunter and as monster drops. They can be exchanged for chocolates to earn a new title, or they can be exchanged for emotes and equipment representing one emotion either love or hate.
Treasure Hunter Update 4 February 10 February The Mimic pet is available for a limited time to start off the new minigame, Treasure Hunter.