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H'oddments detail.png

H'oddments are a version of oddments available in the Grim Harvest Treasure Hunter promotion. They function similarly to oddments, but are used only in the H'oddments store which is a tab which can be found in the Marketplace.

50 H'oddments are given for every non-H'oddment prize claimed during the promotion, and further 50 for each converted prize. H'oddments are also available in place of the usual oddments prizes and as Harvest Bonus rewards during the promotion.

Stock[edit | edit source]

H'oddments Store
Rewards H'oddments
Medium Prismatic Star 200
Medium Prismatic Lamp 300
Cosmetics H'oddments
Infected Zombie Head 400
Infected Zombie Chest 400
Infected Zombie Legs 400
Infected Zombie Hands 400
Infected Zombie Feet 400
Decaying Zombie Outfit 1,250
Rotten Zombie Outfit 1,250
Zombie Flail Override 500
Spine Bow Override 500
Bone Wand and Brain Orb Overrides 500
Vampyre Hunter Hat Override 400
Vampyre Hunter Torso Override 400
Vampyre Hunter Legs Override 400
Vampyre Hunter Cuffs Override 400
Vampyre Hunter Boots Override 400
Vampyre Hunter Amulet Override 500
Vampyre Hunter Stake Launcher Override 500
Bat Necklace 500
Count Draynor Outfit Override 1,250
Broom Staff Override 500
Cauldron Maul Override 500
Pumpkin Launcher Override 500
Ghostly Revenant Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Spirit Hunter Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Reaver Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Lederhosen Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Builder Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Clown Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Ringmaster Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Chicken Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Jester Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Druid Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Princess Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Farmer Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Fisher Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Guard Outfit 1,250
Ghostly Fremennik Outfit 1,250
Animations H'oddments
Living Dead Emote 750
Ghostly Wardrobe Emote 750
Pets H'oddments
Pumpkincrow Pet 1,000
Other H'oddments
'the Trickster' Title 750
'the Treated' Title 750
'the Ghostly' Title 750

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