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Toy royal battleship is a Treasure Hunter reward.
If the associated promotion is not currently active, it may not be obtainable.

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The toy royal battleship is a battleship from Treasure Hunter, created from a royal battleship kit. It can be deployed as a follower, with numerous flea crew members on board, enabling it to engage in battle. The fleas can also be talked to.

Each time the ship is deployed, the player may choose whether it'll be an accurate, defensive or aggressive royal battleship. Ships automatically start a battle if close to another players battleship, even if they're both blocked by a wall or obstacle. The winning ship of a battle turns into a battleworn battleship, and the losing ship sinks. If a ship wins 2 battles it will sail off. The winner of the battle is determined by a game of rock, paper, scissors. Aggressive attack style beats accurate, accurate beats defensive and defensive beats aggressive. If both combatants chose the same fighting style the result will be that both ships will agree to stop fighting, and have a truce with "After a valiant battle and much destruction, both ships settle on a truce and retire to safety" appearing in the chat box, and the ships will not turn battleworn. If a ship does not encounter a battle after about 10 minutes, it will give the message "Your battleship fails to find any fights. Happy with their survival, the crew sails off into the distance to find new adventures."

Constructing a battleship grants Construction experience equal to 50% of a small prismatic lamp. After winning or losing a battle (a tie will not grant experience) or sailing off, 25% of the experience of a small prismatic lamp is granted. Bonus experience will increase the experience received.

Since players gain the same experience twice if you win the first battle, observe other players' ships to determine the style of the ship. As other ships do battle, they will say phrases that tells what style they are, allowing you to deploy a ship in a style that beats the winning ship, or either tying ships.

Logging out and back in will reset the battleship's style to accurate.

Toy royal battleships could be deployed against Toy pirate battleships in the Summer Beach Party, but the toy pirate battleships would always win, as Wellington claims.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Toy royal battleship.png Toy royal battleship
Construction-Make-X hourglass icon.pngMake-X GE icon.png
31–4,301 XP-?-
Construction Construction level1
P2P icon.png Members only
Royal battleship kit.pngRoyal battleship kit1N/A-

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Through the dialogue, the cadet flea is revealed to be Monsieur Flea from the 2012 Christmas Event.
    • In turn, all the fleas are a reference to the FunOrb game Flea Circus.
  • There is a bug when a player logs out with the battleship. The ship will disappear when they log in next time. The player cannot dismiss it. This causes players to be unable to train Dungeoneering.
  • The fleas can be talked to even if a different player deployed the ship, and the player will always refer to themselves as the builder of the ship. The Admiral flea will also refer to the player as him/her depending on the player who deployed the ship, not the player who talked to it.