Divine simulacrum outfits

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Not to be confused with Diviner's outfit.

Divine simulacrum outfits is a set of four Divination experience boosting outfits obtainable through Treasure Hunter, Vic the trader, or Divination fragments. The final outfit, Elder divination outfit, is created by combining the Energy, Chronicle, and Memory outfits. Each outfit offers different bonuses with the Elder outfit combining the benefits of the previous three.

Elite divination outfits[edit | edit source]

Elder divination outfit[edit | edit source]

Elder divination head.png Elder divination head
Elder divination body.png Elder divination body
Elder divination legs.png Elder divination legs
Elder divination hands.png Elder divination hands
Elder divination feet.png Elder divination feet

Divination energy outfit[edit | edit source]

Divination energy head.png Divination energy head
Divination energy body.png Divination energy body
Divination energy legs.png Divination energy legs
Divination energy hands.png Divination energy hands
Divination energy feet.png Divination energy feet

Divination chronicle outfit[edit | edit source]

Divination chronicle head.png Divination chronicle head
Divination chronicle body.png Divination chronicle body
Divination chronicle legs.png Divination chronicle legs
Divination chronicle hands.png Divination chronicle hands
Divination chronicle feet.png Divination chronicle feet

Divination memory outfit[edit | edit source]

Divination memory head.png Divination memory head
Divination memory body.png Divination memory body
Divination memory legs.png Divination memory legs
Divination memory hands.png Divination memory hands
Divination memory feet.png Divination memory feet